Who Are Flashpoint's 13 New DC Continuity Characters?

Who Are Flashpoint's 13 New DC Continuity Characters?

The New Golden Age will revolutionize DC''s epic and secret-ridden heroism, including: "From the 1940s to the 3040s, heroes will have their lives turned upside down. "From the Justice Society of America to the Legion of Super-Heroes, these are the most unlikable heroes in the DC Universe." Yesterday we discussed the new Thirteen from the 1940s, and #6.

These are models who were not included in the DC Universe because they were removed from it, and now they are being returned under the Time Masters watch, with DC continuity retconning around them.

The Golden Age Mister Miracle, Betsy Ross, Molly Pitcher, Golden Age Legionnaire, Ladybug, Quiz Kid, Salem The Witch Girl, Golden Age Aquaman, Cherry Bomb, The Harlequin''s Son, John Henry Jr, Judy Garrick, and The Golden Age Red Lantern are some of the most well-known names in the world.

1.Judy Garrick

There was no Judy Garrick, but she did have a lot of change, including three references to Jay Garrick, the daughter of the Golden Age Flash''s daughter.

2.Molly Pitcher

A nickname is given to a woman who was supposedly fought in the American Revolutionary War but was previously described as a smatter of folklore. Could she have been removed by the Time Masters?


Spider-Woman is a member of Earth-8''s Retaliators in a parallel universe.

4.Salem The Witch Girl

Is she a witch girl from Earth 11?

5.Beth Ross

Beth Ross might be, or relate to Betsy Ross, the US President of the recent Prez coup?

6.The Harlequin''''s Son

There are a number of DC Comics Harlequin, but might this be Clark, the son of Mime and MArionette who is the subject of Harlequin.

7.Quiz Kid

Is this Chester from Superboy #60?

8.John Henry Jr.

Is this guy related to John Henry Irons Steel? Or the major general in the United States Air Force who fought in World War II? Or John Wilson, also known as John Henry, a DC Comics veteran of the Korean War who fought the Klan as the vigilante John Henry in New Frontier?

9.Cherry Bomb

Legionnaires #44 has a rejected applicant on Legion Tryouts Day.

10-13.Golden Age Aquaman, Golden Age Red Lantern, Golden Age Legionnaire, or Golden Age Mister Miracle.

They were absent. Until now, they would be denied access.

Tomorrow is DC Comics featuring comedians Steve Byrne, Adam Smith, and Tony SheridanandXermanicois.

FLASHPOINT BEYOND #6 (OF 6) CVR A MITCH GERADS (W) Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams, and Tim Sheridan (A) Xermanico (CA) Mitch Gerads The fate of the Flashpoint Earth is in the balance as Thomas must make the ultimate choice! What will happen to this fractured reality and what does it mean for the DC Universe at large? Retail: $3.99 In-Store Date: 10/18/2022

For a while, Bleeding Cool has talked about the return of the JSA the Justice Society Of America at the hands of Geoff Johns at DC Comics. Ever since it was removed in #1, Johns and Frank, and their disappearance was pinned on the actions of Dr Manhattan. At the time, Scott Snyder even included them in an hourglass on the back cover to highlight it. But there was no big JSA spinoff that was originally planned, including Per Degaton, one of the six original members of the

Theis'' history is presented as a model for what will come. It was written by Geoff Johns and drawn by John Hitch as if that was their next big project together. Instead, the two working on another older character, for the, out a few months ago. However, after the DC bloodbath and the removal of some of those who had a huge problem with Johns, he has now returned incrementally. A story and JSA story in promised much, but even Bryan Hitch said an intended JSA

According to Bleeding Cool, the Justice Society of America will be appearing in future issues of written by Geoff Johns. And that will be getting a six-issue limited series which will include the JSA. Even though she is in another current form in the DC Universe, we presumed Geoff Johns would be writing. It was then concluded by 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

The New Golden Age, a one-shot from Geoff Johns, Steve Lieber, Jerry Ordway, and Diego Olortegui, will be able to spin off two titles, by Geoff Johns and Mikel Janin, and by Geoff Johns and Todd Nauck.

THE NEW GOLDEN AGE #1 DC''s futureand its pastwill never be identical again. What''s Rip Hunter and the Time Masters the most unlikable heroes in the DC Universe? What''s the origins of Rip Hunter and the Time Masters? Don''t miss the start of the strangest mystery to have ever plagued the DC Universe. Written by GEOFF JOHNS Art by STEVE LIEBER, JERRY ORDWAY, and DAVID TALASKI 1:25

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #1 After making their long-awaited return in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #3, the Justice Society of America (JSA) is back in "Justice Society of America: The New Golden Age Part One," according to the story. A long-lost hero from the JSA crashes into our era with a serious warning but it''s too late. A mysterious and malicious adversary has invaded the JSA''s entire history, and an all-new

STARGIRL: THE LOST CHILDREN #1 Johns is developing an innovative DC hero program called Stargirl: The Lost Children! When Stargirl of the Justice Society and Green Arrow''s ally Red Arrow discover a tragic teenage hero from the past, they meet him in order to determine who is involved in the program. But who is she or the childminder? Is she a fan of Stargirl: The Lost Children, and she believes that she is not the first teenage hero in the Golden Age to die

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