James Hooton of Emmerdale reveals disturbing behind-the-scenes footage of a brutal spiking stunt

James Hooton of Emmerdale reveals disturbing behind-the-scenes footage of a brutal spiking stunt

James Hooton, who plays fan-favourite Sam Dingle in the drama, has revealed some behind-the-scenes insights about how they captured Sam''s horrific spiking accident.

Hundreds of villagers were demolished as the storm battered, but stalwart resident Sam was put in a terrible position when he was caught in an elevator on some farms.

The tragic injury occurred as Sam jumped into some hay bales following the attack on he and Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) during the storm. In the second moment, Sam was seen slumping over with the spike sticking out of his shoulder.

Although the injury appeared to be gruesome on-screen, filming the stunt was far less horrifying (thankfully!) as James revealed the backstage techniques the crew used to make it look as realistic as possible.

"Costume went all out to try and find the best way to deal with this spike scenario. It looks really ultra-realistic on-screen."

"It''s made of foam, basically, a piece sticking out where the normal tractor piece would be, and a costume developed this sort of sling I put over my shoulder that had a little bit sticking out and a component of the spike sticks into it.

"Theyd ripped through the jacket to create the whole of the back, the exit wound, and placed another piece of foam on the piece. It looked fantastic and was really interesting to film that stuff. It''s unheard of in soap territory to spend so long preparing and shooting only a single scene."

Being spiked on farm machinery is a first for, but James was concerned when asked if he would do the unexpected scenario because it was "a break from the norm."

"You never know what this show will throw at you, so I was told this was happening. Obviously, you don''t know what the outcome of a story such as this, but we and the viewers don''t know at the end of the episode whether or not Sam lives or died," he said.

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