Season 5 of All American: The Next Episode, Your Cast, and Everything We Know About the Coming-of-age Drama

Season 5 of All American: The Next Episode, Your Cast, and Everything We Know About the Coming-of-ag

Here''s what''s going on for those who have been counting down the days until they can learn what''s coming next for their favorite crew from Crenshaw and Beverly Hills. Season 5 is here, and if previous seasons are any indication, the new episodes will be just as captivating as their predecessors.

So, what are fans'' expectations for Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) and his friends?

Season 5: Here''s all we know about it.

When will the fifth season of All American premiere begin?

Season 5 of the series premiered on Monday, October 10, and with the major announcement that Spencer and Olivia have called it quits, we must wonder what new romantic pairings await the recently single young adults. Is it possible that writing the news story wasn''t worth the pain?

The next new episode titled "Don''t Sweat the Technique" has aired on Monday, October 17, at 8 pm ET/PT. Here''s the episode''s synopsis

"With Spencer''s life hitting a difficult point, he takes some guidance from JJ and Coop to pursue college life. "As Olivia and Billy reveal their frustrations about coach Garrett, they resurface and cause tension between them and Jordan." Layla plays a power play."

Check out the promotional kit for what''s to come.

What is All American season 5 about?

The following is a lot to cover in the new episodes starting with Spencer, and Olivia (Samantha Logan) bumped heads repeatedly throughout season 4. In the finale, she was writing a news article that might have disastrous implications for the Golden Angeles University and Spencers sports career. Will they be able to handle such a colossal storm if Olivia does not reveal anything she knows?

Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) revealed his feelings for Layla while she was on the lookout for anything more for the time being. However, given that Layla''s ex-fling is now her boss of sorts, and the two didnt last on good note, the path to #Jayla may be complicated.

On a side note, let''s hope that Jordan isn''t only dumb enough to continue playing with a broken hand during his freshman year of college football. We aren''t sure how to have the most confidence that he will be smart about his next issue in the future.

Also expected to be covered in season 5 are Coops (Bre-Z) law careers, Ashers (Cody Christian) development as a football coach, and Billy''s (Taye Diggs) advancement as a high school principal.

All American season 5 cast

There have been no significant announcements about casting changes scheduled for season 5 of the Spencers, but given that his mother (Karimah Westbrook) and brother (Jayln Hall) are reportedly moving away with his mother (Lamon Archey), we''d be interested in seeing if a change in storyline keeps them in the Los Angeles area, or they''re actually relocating off the canvas all together to a reoccurring status.

With that said, the main cast to return are expected to be as follows:

  • Daniel Ezra () as Spencer James
  • Samantha Logan () as Olivia Baker
  • Michael Evans Behling () as Jordan Baker
  • Greta Onieogou ) as Layla Keating
  • Taye Diggs () as Billy Baker
  • Monet Mazur () as Laura Fine-Baker
  • Bre-Z () as Tamia ''''Coop'''' Cooper
  • Cody Christian () as Asher Adams
  • Chelsea Tavares () as Patience
  • Hunter Clowdus () as JJ Parker
  • Kareem J. Grimes () as Preach

All American season 5 trailer

Here''s how to see the trailer for Season 5. By the look of things, Spencer and Olivia aren''t heading for smoother sailing anytime soon.

How to watch All American season 5

The CW network is an original series of episodes, which premiere directly on the television channel. Those who don''t have traditional cable/satellite TV can still watch season 5 episodes live with a subscription to live streaming TV services such as FuboTV, Hulu Live with TV, and YouTube TV. Additional episodes are also available for viewing on-demand the day after they premiere on The CW app (opens in a new tab). The app is not only free, but it also does not require you to register

Were still waiting for an official word about when Season 5 will premiere in the United Kingdom. However, seasons 1-4 can be seen right now on ITV (opens in a new tab).

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