Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, talks about a number of games that do not necessarily depend on the game's structure

Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, talks about a number of games that do

Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, has launched a new YouTube channel called Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games. Check out the latest batch of downloaded content through the embedded videos below:

Beyond Game Essence, there is something for everyone.

Weve already discussed game essence, but game essence isn''t the only thing that makes games fun!

In this video, I''ll cover a few types of games that don''t rely on game essence for fun.

The possibilities for fun in games are endless.

Sorry for the wait.

The start of this episode will be slightly quieter, and the titles of other developer games will be shown on-screen.

This episode of this episode has so much footage that I''ve had.

Make the Tempo Match the Game

For the first video in the Audio category, I will be talking about tempo.

I sometimes forget that when I am supervising music composition, I do not notice tempo adjustments. Composers don''t always have a complete picture of a games progression, so it is up to people like the director to step in and ensure everyone is on the same page.


While you play, you''ll be in good spirits!

It''s time to grab another bag!

Physical fitness is essential for game dev work and for concentration in general. Always think about this topic, so I can help you get started.


Maintenir in mind the importance of rewards.

This episode is a bit like a note-to-self about a topic I wish I would have been more proactive in the previous.

Rewarding players is a big part of what makes games fun, but how do you do that effectively?


Logically, name files

I have also developed a Programming & Tech category, although I''ll do my best to keep things simple.

Given the variety of people in work environments, I think it is best to avoid becoming too technical and instead focus on more general topics.

This time, I''ll be talking about file naming and labeling, which is a critical subject in any development project.


Try giving it to the player.

It may be a real headache at times. It''s important to understand them everything correctly, and even then, they don''t behave as you want them to. In the midst of this, here''s one thing you should never forget: Find out what you like in this second video in the Work Ethic category, which covers all kinds of work!


Kirby''s Super Star

I''ll be focusing on Kirby Super Star as well as establishing two major themes in my next Game Concepts video. By the end, youll understand exactly how I came up with them.


Giving Buttons more weight

When I was young, I was stunned by how I could use my hands to move things around on-screen. We play games by receiving information with our eyes and ears, then sending information back with our hands, making the experience of the controls extremely important. When it comes to programming, designing, or setting parameters, I always keep this in mind.


Clarity vs. style

I''ll be discussing the on-screen effects of UI in games, such as menus and other display information.

Clarity alone does not guarantee good UI, and today, Ill dive into it in more depth.

Just let Them play!

I always try to be sensitive about how long players must wait before they get started on playing. People tend to get annoyed when they cant jump right into a game, but don''t keep them lying around!

Make It Smile

I''ll be talking about a number of the myriad special effects used in games in the category Effects.

When overused, adding additional depth and characterisation can make a game look unrefined, dont you think? It depends on what you''re going for, however, it''s best not to overdo it.

Assigning Animations

I''ll share some of the tricks we use to express character movement in the Animation category.

In this episode, I will discuss how I communicate my vision for characters movements to the art team when directing a game. You might even get a peek at some super Smash Bros. Ultimate design documents!

Game Awards

Its Grab Bag time againthe category where you never know what you''re going to get. (Though Ill try to keep it in line with games.)

Despite being a member of the Game Designers Award for the Japan Game Awards, I feel dissatisfied with it. Why do game awards exist anyway?

Presentations Are All About Speed!

Watch this video and have fun with how to make your presentations a one-hit KO!

The most important step is to reduce excess fat if you want to get your proposition approved.

Kirby''s Adventure

In the Game Concepts category, I will be looking back at how I created the concepts for each of my games. For this second entry, see Kirbys Adventure.

Kirby''s Adventure is the first game in which Kirby had the power to copy enemy abilities. Ill talk about where this and some of the other concepts in the game came from, and about the circumstances that led to it''s creation.

Draw the Light, not the Asset.

Good talk about making art for games in the Graphics category. I will not be sharing tool tutorials and such, but also some useful concepts to consider when designing game visuals.

Hmm, that last image of a forest may have put a little more emphasis on the shadows.

Squeeze and Release

Isnt it strange how games you can use to calm yourself enough to sooth you? What''s going on there?

Some games draw inspiration from other works, but rather than mimic the rules of other games, would it be better to understand what makes them fun at a fundamental level and then use that to create something truly new and innovative? This is what I''m trying to do, at least.


If you enter the Grab Bag category, you never know what youre will get. Here, you should delve into topics that don''t quite fit well into any of the other categories, although the discussions will continue to focus on games.

Today, we will be talking about how to enhance your game-playing experience by upgrading your home set. I hope it makes gaming more enjoyable for as many of you as possible!

The Game Development Isn''t a Game

I want to talk about how we approach and prepare for our jobs in the Work Ethic category. After all, how we think and feel about our work is crucial.

For all aspects of work, not just games, the topics in this category are recommended!

This time, I''ll be talking about what it takes to be a professional.

Reward and Risk

Ill explore the concept behind the game essence and how it affects the push and pull at the core of games.

A notion I''ve discussed many times in this episode. It''s becoming somewhat well-known (at least in Japan), but as the basis for this category of videos, I would like to take this opportunity to reintroduce it for those who are unfamiliar.

By the way, the term game essence (geemu-sei in Japanese) was a tough one for the translators, and resulted in a number of lengthy discussions. While looking at these videos, it appears there isnt a perfect match in English, but I hope youll be able to understand it well. The fact that a specific word does not exist means that it is a notion worth exploring!

Frame Rates

Ill discuss topics to consider when it comes to game ideas and mechanics in the Planning & Game Design category.

In this first introduction, you should look at frame rates, which are the frequency in which a game screen is redrawn, and which is, therefore, a core concept.

Frame rates may play an important role in playing time, though not as often as in previous years.

Kirbys Dream Land

In the Game Concepts category, I''ll be looking back at how I imagined each of the games I worked on, in the coming year.

These titles have a variety of memories, but I will try and concentrate on the themes and thoughts behind them.

Now, start with my debut game, Kirbys Dream Land. Have you ever heard of it?

Stop for a momentous moment!

Have you ever heard of something called hit stop? It''s possible that it''s more than just hitting, but it''s a waste to do it there!

A third element about the above scenarios is the use of slow motion only briefly and then returning to normal speed.

Masahiro Sakurais Creative Works

This video provides a brief introduction to my major creative works as of 2022. I have also been involved in several other initiatives, however, for games in particular, I chose to include only works that I have directed personally.

When you hear the word director, you might think of someone directing teams or providing general oversight, but in addition to that, I develop ideas and work on the actual game design.

This Channel Is Not a Story

Join me as I launch my new channel, Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games, with an overview of what I''ll be discussing. Why am I making a channel, exactly? In this video, youll discover.

I''ve decided to start a new YouTube channel called "Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games." It now launches!

Subscribe today and you may be joking (?) about becoming one of the first people to join me on this new endeavor. I''ll update you soon!


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The daily Smash Ultimate screens I''ve seen since December 2019 are now available. Thank you for your support! #SmashBros

I''ve been contemplating starting something new. (This time it will not be daily, though.)

Check back this time tomorrow for more information!

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