Jennifer Hale replies to the Bayonetta voice acting controversy

Jennifer Hale replies to the Bayonetta voice acting controversy

s new voice actress speaks out

The upcoming release ofthis week, which featured Hellena Taylor, the original voice actress who has played Cereza in both the mainline games and the spin-offs, had to Twitter this week to express her rejection of the role, claiming that she was offered a mere $4,000 in compensation for her potential voice work. Instead, Jennifer Hale, who is well-known for her roles in the games, has taken over the role.

As per usual, the internet has exploded with people who have plenty to say about the situation, but the one person we were most interested to hear from was Jennifer Hale herself. I have since served as an advocate for every actor, and I believe that everyone who knows me, or has followed my career, will know that I am compassionate to all members of the society. Hale continues to claim that she is not able to say anything further because of her non-disclosure agreement. What Does Bayonetta 3 Mean?

Jennifer Hale (@jhaletweets) October 17, 2022

While everyone seems to be coming to their own conclusions about the situation, it''s understandable why Taylor would be hurt in these circumstances. While she has given us the benefit of the series, but also to Nintendo as a whole over the years. However, as these things usually go, it''s a complex situation in which we''ll likely never know the whole truth. But here''s hoping that Taylor can, for the rest of the day, be able to get justice.

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