Amblin And Universal are collaborating on a Twister sequel

Amblin And Universal are collaborating on a Twister sequel

A 1996 blockbuster with Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt as tornado chasers. It was a massive hit that summer, holding its own against other blockbusters like Independence Day. Today, Amblin and Universal are planning a spring start for a long-talked-about sequel, titledsigh. It''s clear that the director list is being narrowed as we speak. Mark L. Smith, the script''s producer, claimed that Hunt would reprise her role from the beginning. Paxton died in 2017

A Twister Sequel May Be A Decade Too Late

According to sources, the objective is to bring Helen Hunt back to play a drama that focuses on the daughter she had with Bill Paxton, who was caught in the storm chasing bug her parents had." That first film, which sold $494 million worldwide, was a massive deal in the home market as well when it was released on VHS. Boy, typing that last sentence makes me feel pretty old. Especially since Paxton, the heart and star of the first film, is now gone.

As far as severe weather is concerned, it has become much more out of hand than in 1996, and the kind of story they would want to make around a sequel to might be very timely. There is no doubt there would be climate change messages in there, and that may be beneficial. Sadly, we are in a much worse situation than when the first film came out. is looking to start production in the spring. It takes a lot of time to change that name as well.

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