Lola Pearce is in a shock snoop on EastEnders spoilers!

Lola Pearce is in a shock snoop on EastEnders spoilers!

In Monday''s episode of (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings) Lola Pearce is under a shambles.

When Lexi''s dress is damaged, Lola Pearce is assisting her daughter Lexi Pearce prepare for the pageant!

Felix Baker, Lola, and Lexi, who is well-known, dress to him, hoping to fix it.

The dress is well-stocked, and it appears like it''s all gone once more for the pageant. Lola bumps into Callum Highway and she invites him to watch Lexi perform.

After an awkward encounter with his ex and Lola''s dad Ben Mitchell, Callum is deceptively resentful to spend time with them. However, Lola refuses to take no for an answer and manages to talk him around.

Ben, who is getting together for the pageant, wants to talk to Callum as he has some wonderful news, but before he can open up they''re deposed by Jay Brown.

Lola is sitting in the bathroom just before Lexi''s performance when she gets quite dizzy and collapses on the floor.

Is she in danger?

Nish Panesar announces that his wife and friend are coming to Walford for Diwali. His news is interrupted as her daughter Ash Panesar announces she must go to work as her colleague Nina Gupta goes to the police station.

Ravi Gulati, who is a fan of Nina, is shocked by this news and is wondering what his secret lover is up to. When he''s later approached by the police while in Walford East, he asks him if he knows anything about his father Ranveer Gulati''s location.

Kheerat Panesar has seen everything unfolding, and he''s becoming even more suspicious of what''s really happened to his uncle Ranveer. Ravi confesses that Nina has reported Ranveer missing.

Ravi confronts Nina, hoping to know what Nina is doing when he visits the police. Nina reminds him that the only way they can obtain Ranveer''s cash is by reporting Ranveer missing.

Following up on his anxieties, Kheerat wants to get some information and proposes to take Lily Slater out for a milkshake with Ravi''s son Nugget Gulati.

Kheerat''s led Lily to believe he''s trying to set them up, but it''s soon evident that Kheerat used her to talk to Nugget.

Will he get the information he need?

Felix Baker and Finlay Baker have all begun living in their new home after having successfully convinced Chelsea Fox to relocate to her house.

The brothers throw their belongings in and look forward to having a permanent place on the Square.

Although things have been a bit cramped with the Baker brothers in their house, Mitch will miss going with his nephews.

Rocky Cotton has agreed to the use of technology to cheer up Harvey Monroe, a mother still stalking her after her daughter Dana Monroe was left for university.

On BBC One, on Tuesday, the show will be on BBC One until 6:30pm.

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