Tonight's WWE Raw will feature two returns and three matches

Tonight's WWE Raw will feature two returns and three matches

Everyone is wondering whether Triple Khan or former WWE stars will be signed this week? Well, while we aren''t ruling out any new signings to the roster, WWE has already advertised two returns of people currently under contract. Not only that, but the Fed promised three matches for Raw tonight. What happens if Triple H is sick with COVID and The Road Dogg? That remains to me seen.

Tonight''s WWE Raw The Listicle: Two Returns and Three Matches

There''s one thing you can count on: Bleeding Cool transforms the WWE Raw preview into a listicle to appeal to the SEO gods. Oh, the website''s latest editorial mandate is designed to appeal to SEO gods. Please bless this listicle and give us a bounty of clicks. Amen. Now let''s get this started. Tomorrow''s WWE Raw will be two returns and three matches!

Brock Lesnar is "returning" to Raw after arriving last week by surprise to beat Bobby Lashley, allowing Seth Rollins to win the US Championship from him. Lashley challenged Lesnar to a match in retaliation, and it''s likely that they''re doing that this week or it''s a bait-and-switch to establish something in Saudi Arabia. That''s probably what we''re leaning towards.

Elias, in his original form, does not appear as Ezekiel. Will Triple H even acknowledge the Ezekial gimmick under his new regime? Tonight, we''ll discover!

Seth Rollins'' prediction is that he will put it on the line tonight in a match against Riddle. If Riddle is the new US Champion, we''re betting not, or at least hoping not, because if there''s a title change, we''ll have to write tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow.

People, the message of this feud is simple: persuade a WWE employee to shoot like a creep, kidnap them, inflict all sorts of torture, and you''ll get a job at WWE. Sounds like a great gift to send to an already defying fanbase.

The Good Brothers returned to Raw last week, and this week, they''ll face Alpha Academy in a match. Which sounds great to us! It''s been a while since Alpha Academy had someone new to job to!

How to Watch WWE Raw Tonight

The USA Network is open for the first time at 8/7C, and that''s how you watch it. If your question is not how can you watch it, then you should actually watch it later tonight or next day, as that will take up significantly less of your time. Today, we''ll thank you for your clicks, and we''ll see you tomorrow for additional guest reports.

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