Lola learns awful news about EastEnders!

Lola learns awful news about EastEnders!

In Tuesday''s episode of (7:30 pm.) Lola Pearce is horrified by a defying diagnosis. View our TV Guide for more information.

Lola Pearce has been ill-treated after suffering a seizure in the toilets just before her daughter Lexi Pearce''s pageant performance.

Jay Brown and Ben Mitchell discover Lola and realize that something serious has happened. They call for an ambulance, and Lola is taken to the hospital for tests to discover what caused her collapse.

After being waiting for Lola to return from her tests, Ben decides to release his information to Callum Highway, which was eventually dismissed by Jay.

What is his life''s promise to him?

Lola is enraged when the doctor breaks the news, and she and Jay are in constant shock... she has a tumour that may be cancer.

Kheerat Panesar has broken the tummy of Stacey Slater, who is faking that she led her daughter Lily Slater to believe that Nugget Gulati mistook her!

In order to extract some information about Nugget''s family, he told Lily that so that he may take her and Nugget out for milkshakes.

Ravi Gulati, Nugget''s father, has mounted an impressive Diwali display, which the Panesars take to the stage.

When Kheerat discovers that Ravi''s father Ranveer Gulati is missing, things will take a strange turn.

Ravi uses the imagination to divert police''s questions, but Kheerat does not have any of them. He confronts Ravi and tells him that he knows what will happen.

Nish Panesar, Kheerat''s dad, interrupts their conversation to calm things down, but Nish is the last person he''d listen to.

A spooky Kheerat travels to the pub, but his day takes an even worse turn when Stacey grabs a drink at him for lying to Lily!

Whitney Dean is shocked when she returns to Chelsea Fox''s house to discover Finlay Baker and Felix Baker making themselves comfortable!

Whitney is not best pleased that Chelsea didn''t indicate her they were moving in, but she concedes that she is willing to give the couple a chance.

Although Whitney appears to be interested in spending a bit more time with Finlay, it''s possible that Whitney will be looking for...

She''s a teeny bit smitten with the market trader and can''t resist a flirt!

Harvey Monroe''s confidence is eroded when he overhears Dotty Cotton''s badmouthing.

On BBC One, on Wednesday, the show will be on channel One.

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