Stacey Slater cheats on Kheerat in EastEnders?

Stacey Slater cheats on Kheerat in EastEnders?

In Wednesday''s episode of (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings), Stacey Slater discovers herself in the company of a flirty Ravi Gulati.

Stacey Slater is still angry with her boyfriend Kheerat Panesar for using her daughter Lily Slater to obtain information from Nugget Gulati.

Stacey has very well and truly fallen out with him after chucking a mug in the pub, but she unloads on Eve Unwin about her relationship difficulties.

Eve''s ears are ruffled as she worries about Nish''s wife Suki Panesar following their saviorous kiss, as Suki''s in Mumbai on a business trip.

Eve decides to leave the center before she ends up in a confrontation with Kheerat. Angry with Eve, Kheerat follow her back home and they end up in a massive rift about Suki, according to Stacey.

When Kheerat discovers that Ravi had planned to meet with Stacey in The Vic for talks about business, he''s less than pleased. Eve, meanwhile, is getting completely plastered, and Ravi assists Stacey take Eve home.

Stacey grabs a bottle of wine while Ravi and Stacey open up to each other as they relax. Ravi then kisses the couple.

Will Stacey be willing to respond?

Felix Baker understands that he and his brother Finlay Baker cannot''t just plot up at Chelsea Fox''s house and anticipate to meet Chelsea and her housemate Whitney Dean perfectly!

He decides that a charm offensive is required, and he arranges a quiet housewarming dinner for the new housemates to eat.

Chelsea and Whitney are shocked by the dinner party, and the tension between them appears to be resolved.

Whitney, however, is concerned about how they''ll all get along, and she feels much better when Finlay and Felix implement some house regulations!

Harvey Monroe is still feeling a bit down on himself after overhearing Dotty Cotton badmouthing him. Especially as he''s been trying to pick himself up following his broken relationship with Jean Slater and daughter Dana Monroe moving out.

Dotty, however, says he does not want to hear anything until he understands it. His wallet goes missing and he immediately jumps to conclusions.

Harvey confronts Dotty about the missing wallet in front of Kathy Beale and Rocky Cotton, implying that she stole it.

Dotty is overjoyed by the charge, but refuses to disclose the truth.

On BBC One, on Thursday, at 7:30 pm, the game continues.

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