Eve Unwin reveals the truth about Suki in EastEnders spoilers!

Eve Unwin reveals the truth about Suki in EastEnders spoilers!

In Thursday''s episode of (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for more listings) Eve Unwin presents Kheerat Panesar with a shock revelation.

Eve Unwin is still smarting from her run over Suki Panesar with Suki''s son Kheerat Panesar. He realizes that both Eve and his girlfriend have been totally out of touch, and he confronts them both to apologise.

Eve has sent Suki Panesar a voicemail, but her message is removed when her phone is mistakenly damaged.

Jean Slater receives a message to Eve, asking if she can be collected from the airport when she picks up the phone to fix it.

Eve claims that Ranveer Gulati, claiming that Kheerat should know the truth about what he did with his mother, attempted to sexually assault Suki.

Kheerat is jeopardized by the news, but it gives him an insight into what happened the night Ranveer disappeared...

Will he conclude that Ranveer was murdered?

After Eve''s conversation with Kheerat, Stacey believes she''s tipped him off that Ravi wanted to kiss her the night before she brought her drunk Eve home.

Kheerat knows nothing about it, however, and he''s stunned when Stacey attempts to talk with him about the kiss!

Kheerat, who is fighting for Ravi after trying to get it done with his girlfriend, walks over to the Vic. When Ravi finds him sitting down, he marches over and attacks a shocked Ravi.

Ravi is back, and soon the fight will be over in the Square.

Will someone be able to stop them before it gets out of hand?

Finlay Baker requires some help with his laundry and surprises Karen Taylor at the laundry. During the day, Harvey Monroe reports Dotty Cotton for defrauding his wallet.

On BBC One, the show will be broadcast on Monday at 7:30 pm.

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