Eileen Grimshaw has been struck with a shambles in Coronation Street

Eileen Grimshaw has been struck with a shambles in Coronation Street

In tonight''s episode of (8.00pm, see our TV Guide for full listings). George and Sean rush to assist Eileen Grimshaw.

Eileen Grimshaw is dissatisfied with her house being treated like a workshop in No.11, so she grabs the pumpkin and goes out.

She approaches Gail, travels over the pumpkin, and knocks herself out. George and Sean rush to her assistance, but they are shocked as she appears uncharacteristically chilled and pleasant.

Summer advises Aaron that she had an appointment with Dr Gaddas to schedule an abortion. After seeing the doctor, she admits to Aaron that she cant help but feel disgruntled.

Esthers are irritated to learn about the planned termination and offer her money in a bid to change her mind. Billy appears and is horrified to realize that Esther was attempting to purchase Summers baby and orders her to leave. When Billy infers that he misapproves abortion, Summer enters her room, dissipating.

Todd confronts Billy about how Summer feels, and explains to him that he must support her. But how will Billy react?

Jenny and Teddy come together in the street to meet up to discuss finding Leo. He takes a photo of them together in the street and sends it to Teddy from Leos phone, with a message stating that his partner saw them and thought he might be interested. To Stephens horrification Teddy says he will go to Canada to speak to Leo face to face. What will Stephen do next?

Gabrielle asks Stephen to pay her, and he tries his best to fob her off, but she says it clear she is going out of patience.

When Adam later discovers that tomorrow is the anniversary of Sinead''s death, Daisy feels sorry. Can these two get back on track?

Bernie passes through the recycling until she discovers the label from the clothes packaging with Ferns address on it but it remains unlaid 493C Church Lane. Dev also tells Bernie she can move to number 5 because her family is not welcoming her.

The conversation will continue on Wednesday at 8pm.

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