Toyah Habeeb is devastated by Spider in Coronation Street

Toyah Habeeb is devastated by Spider in Coronation Street

Spider picks Griff over her in tonight''s episode of (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

In the cafe, Griff meets up with Toyah Habeeb, Spider, and Peter, explaining that their gigs are accessible via social media.

Toyah and Spider agree to swerve Griffs'' gig and spend some time together instead. However, Spider speaks to his boss who tells him that he must attend the gig with Griff and Toyahs put out. when he discovers that he is going after all.

Stephen cant believe his luck when Audrey receives his phone and asks him to turn off notifications as it drives her mad. Stephen meets up with Gabrielle and tells her that hes anticipating the mortgage broker to phone Audreys phone, he has to pretend to be Audrey and reimburse her money.

Convinced that he will get the equity release money, Gail assures that he has decided it might be time for him to move on. Despite Audrey''s sudden announcement, he is stunned.

Daniel travels to Victoria Gardens before telling a happy Daisy it has been a difficult day but he would rather go together on the grounds of the death.

Beth visits the apartment with Bertie and recounts their day together, but when Bertie calls Daisy Mummy, Daniels is shocked. Jenny confides in Jenny how Bertie called her Mummy, and she isn''t sure she is ready for such a commitment. Jenny cautions her that she will do whatever she can.

Fiz is struck by Tyrone''s revelations that he had a taekwondo program. When Fiz tells Sean, he reminds her that he had done it last time with Alina. Fiz is not worried.

Eileen says to George that her friend''s attitude is starting to scare him when she came round after her accident. Eileen explains to George how she saw and felt heaven and since then, she has felt calm and peaceful. She discusses her heaven experience, smelt something sweet and heard strange music.

The service will be continuing on Friday at 8pm.

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