Destructoid, whatcha is playing this week?

Destructoid, whatcha is playing this week?

Book of the Dead

Good day, good weekend, and welcome to Whatcha Been Playing. Yer boy Moyse continues to endure what was the most drawn-out house move in recorded memory, (were getting there, dood) and as such has had a whole week of chores, except for movie podcasts and a topical watch of (2013). Which appears to be a far better film than it has any right to be.

If you haven''t, make sure you have noticed any value. It''s pretty cool. Dare I say its?


I haven''t been able to indulge in gaming this week, (my distraction gear is still set up), and I''m beginning to feel a lot of stress when it comes to focus on my eyes, bones, and old, old soul. That said, maybe it''s beneficial to take these forced takeoffs from gaming once in a while. They say that absence increases the heart''s fascination, and that I can only see myself falling deeper in love with Zagreus'' collar bone as time passes.

Ill Swallow Your (gaming) Soul

Please see the comments below and tell us whatcha been playing this weekend. This year, I will leave you with a good day of celebration. It''s absolutely been the worst month of the year so far, but it permits the party to come up with new challenges and deadlines, so please join the party and influence your friends. Shop smartly, and on Saturday night.

Have a wonderful weekend from Destructoid.

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