Fiz Stape receives awful news on Coronation Street spoilers

Fiz Stape receives awful news on Coronation Street spoilers

Fiz Stape is concerned about what the Gazette will print in tonight''s episode (siehe our TV Guide for full listings).

Fiz Stape, a stressed man, greets Tyrone when a journalist sought to run an article about John Stape. She ends a call and tells Tyrone that they intend to serialize a book about John in the paper. Phills are adamantly backed by Tyrone.

As Daisy prepares to move in with Daniel, and Daniel prepares to move into the Rovers with Daisy, Paul offers Dee Dee Daniels old room, while Glenda has her eye on Daisy''s room at the Rovers.

Daniel and Daisy collide on the street, each carrying their worldly possessions. Daniel reveals that he thought he was moving to the Rovers while Daisy reveals that she thought she was moving into his house. When it dawns on them that they have nowhere to live, Ken offers to put them up at No.1.

Stephen is thrown into panic when Audrey and Sam suggest they could visit the Northern Lights in Canada and stay in one of his properties to save money. In a bid to avoid their Canadian plans, Stephen convinces Gail that the weather is too harsh for them and they would be better off on a cruise in Norway and he will book it.

When Eileen joins in with shopping and announces that she will perform a cooking-up for the soup kitchen, Todd tells George there''s obviously something wrong with her. When Mary suggests she writes up Eileen''s heavenly experience for The Inexplicable, George tells her the truth. How will Eileen react to what happened and discover it wasn''t divine intervention?

Sam confides in Hope that hes worried a letter from Harvey while hes away, and it may be best to confirm Nick the truth. However Hopes adamant that would be a mistake, and that according to Mad Dog, you should never disclose adults any secrets.

Spider meets up with his boss and tells them he wants out, but his boss will not hear of it.

Monday is at 8pm.

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