WHAT'S WRONG for Hollyoaks? Nancy Osborne's health fears?

WHAT'S WRONG for Hollyoaks? Nancy Osborne's health fears?

In tonights on at 6.30pm, Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) has serious worries about her health (See our TV Guide for complete listings).

Nancy, deputy head of the Hollyoaks Highcolleague, is going head-to-head. Olivia Bradshaw is also a well-known sportswoman.

At the next Duathlon, the two women have already decided to compete against one another.

Olivia is gloating when she tells Nancy she has already raised 2,000 for her chosen charity.

Nancy is sick of constantly trailing in Olivias wake, and when Olivias aren''t looking, she takes a peek in Olivias notebook to see the donation page.

When she makes a very interesting discovery, she gets a surprise.

Olivia has gotten up to it, and is there something suspicious about the huge charity donation she has been boasting?

When Nancy encounters head teacher Sally, things turn sour.

Nancy, a forlorn, enjoys her afternoon off to dispel her anger by having a large glass of wine.

Later on, when she goes back to school she begins to panic when her vision blurs.

Olivia intervenes swiftly and exploits the opportunity to accuse Nancy of smelling wine.

Sally is fazed and accused Nancy of being frightened on school grounds.

Nancy is quick to apologize, but is there something much more serious with Nancy?

Is it possible that her MS might come back?

Gleichzeitig erupted a feud between Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) and Leela Lomax about Sienna''s reckless behavior, which was also discussed in yesterday''s episode.

Will Sienna''s friendship with the two women be destroyed when she bites back with a brutal confession?

DeMarcus Westwood (Tomi Ade) has slammed steam and exhausted all of his pent-up fears and appears to be returning on hold.

His father, Michael Westwood (Richard Blackwood), is jeopardized and is deciding to schedule an appointment with a therapist.

Will father and son be able to understand their current issues?

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