A Release Date For The Legend Of Heroes: Trails To Azure Story

A Release Date For The Legend Of Heroes: Trails To Azure Story

NIS America announced the official release date for the game, along with a brand new trailer to show it off. We now know that the PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch will be released in North America on March 14th and 2023. With Europe happening on March 17th and Oceania on March 24th. It''s very interesting to watch the trailer down below as we begin discovering more about the game.

With Crossbell''s safety and status, the special support Section, which has established a temporary peace just a few months after Trails from Zero, is set on fire. Despite these growing tensions, the Erebonian Empire and the Republic of Calvard are beginning to clash. Lloyd and his allies must prepare themselves for the future threats. Little do they know that Crossbell will soon become the foundation for a climactic conflict.

  • The Fate of the City-State: Play through the finale of the Crossbell arc, a key thread within the Trails universe. What lies ahead for Lloyd Bannings and his ragtag squad of allies?
  • Crossbell''''s Finest Forces: Experience new combat features introduced by Trails to Azure, including Burst, Back Attack, and even your own customizable car. Also, meet a few familiar faces from the Trails of Cold Steel series!
  • Power From The Past: Import save data from Trails from Zero for a different story experience, including additional event scenes and entirely new scenes! Also, use your save data from Trails to Azure for bonuses in the upcoming release of Trails into Reverie!

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