#25 of the 1950s Horror Noir of Witches Tales is available for purchase

#25 of the 1950s Horror Noir of Witches Tales is available for purchase

For two reasons, Warren Kremer appears to be revealing an exterior feature called "What''s Happening at 8:30 PM," which he claims is fascinating. While Kremer has gotten a lot of attention in the interior story of "What''s Happening," it appears to be an interior design from Howard Nostrand and creator Nat Barnett. A very nice copy of the (Harvey, 1954) CGC VF+ 8.5 Cream from the auctionground in the 2022 October 27 28 Halloween Pre-Code Horror and Crime Comic

The inside story of Kremer''s "What Happens at 8:30 PM" shows the bell of a bell tower being pinned by some ghoul or madman, perhaps to indicate the moment in question. However, while we''ve recently discussed another Harvey example of a Kremer cover that very closely depicts its interior story, it''s possible that he had only a title to work with in this case, or that he was asked for a more traditionally horrific cover. Human beings are actually the personification of

This story has been pelted many times, and as Historian Bhob Stewart explains, it''s important to know something.

I purchased a copy of Witches Tales #25 (June 1954) with Nostrand''s astonishing Kurtzman/Eisner homage, "What''s Happening at 8:30 P.M.", a comics noir filled with mood and atmospherics. Shlup-shlepping through the mud comes a sad-faced humanoid character, but he is shunned as he enters a near-deserted city, splashing through puddle

John Benson, the author of the seminal Pre-Code-Horror book, has also written about this strange little tale:

After Harvey Kurtzman, he transformed his layouts into a "V-Vampires" habit, and when Nostrand did this, he never "swiped" cold, but always created completely new photos.

Although Nostrand himself described Barnett as the writer of this book, it appears unlikely that Nostrand had learned from the first film he produced at Harvey. "The Man Germ," according to the author, has received widespread attention over the years, and a copy of the CGC VF+ 8.5 Cream on off-white pages is now available for auction at Heritage Auctions. If you''ve never done so, please enter the registration form below.

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