This week, NBA Now 23 has released a new season

This week, NBA Now 23 has released a new season

Com2uS has entered a completely new season, with a couple of new features and enhancements. The addition of the new Prism Grade will dramatically change the way you end up leveling up players, the MVP system, and a reward for signing up. All of the changes are revealed below, as the game is available for download immediately on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For added realism, the update includes the full roster of NBA players and players from 2023, as well as real-time statistics from the actual league schedule. It also includes 10,000 players and coaches who have been on the court since 1990.

  • Prism Grade adds the Prism Grade mode to allow Diamond players to level up even further. Awakening Prism Grade greatly boosts stats, and Prism Superboost and Prism Upgrade will offer a chance for additional development, reinforcing the team''''s OVR.
  • MVP Players who achieved monthly MVP with exceptional performance in the past will also be available in-game. The newly added ''''Vintage MVP'''' system will add one player each from the Western and Eastern Conference with greatly increased stats in that month.
  • October Event Players can earn special cards as rewards by completing daily missions from now until Oct. 31st. Among the rewards, players can obtain high-value items, including the ''''Signature Player Pack'''' and ''''Diamond Player Pack,'''' which can be used to obtain rare players.
  • Special Login Reward Event Players can participate in a special login event to get Live Diamond Player Pack, Live Premium Player Pack, and more. Live players are player cards that reflect the actual NBA league for the new season.

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