Will Bob Hope take charge of Emmerdale spoilers?

Will Bob Hope take charge of Emmerdale spoilers?

Bob Hope (played by Tony Audenshaw) and Bernice Blackstock on Tuesday (7:30pm) and Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles. But Bob has quickly begun to feel put upon by her boss. But now, Bob is able to dispel her from her perch and halt her from ruling the operation. However, will Bernice really step aside quite easily?

Despite this, some of the villagers are still dealing with the catastrophic aftermath of the storm. Emmerdale executive producer Jane Hudson has already revealed that not everyone will make it through the storm: "Theres death, theres destruction, but there are also real moments of intimacy, of heartbreak, and love," she said.

"We''ll see our protagonists test their physical strength but their emotional strength."

"There''s going to be a lot of tears, I must warn you about that, and well see our community have to deal with the aftermath of this horrific storm," says the author. What type of secret and lies rumoured to depress the storm during the 50th anniversary episodes of?

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