After his horrifying accident, Emmerdale fans anticipate Sam Dingle's "full recovery."

After his horrifying accident, Emmerdale fans anticipate Sam Dingle's "full recovery."

Fans were shocked by the ending of last night''s spectacular anniversary episode that saw soap legend Sam Dingle deposed on a spike!

After Sam, his sister Belle Dingle, and their nephew Nate Robinson, raced to flee the slaughterhouse.

It was the highlight of an extremely exciting episode that took place following Sunday''s anniversary.

After a lightning bolt struck Harriet''s quad bike, the two men were both out cold.

And it was a disgruntled Kim who came round and realized that despite her efforts, Harriet had died.


Amelia was unable to sleep with her premature baby in the barn in a full-blown accident. Lydia Dingle discovered the terrified teen and tried to comfort her while discovering that it was too late to return to the village!

Sam, Nate, and Belle ventured outside to see their pets, only to be surprised by a herd of stampeding cows, which had broken out of the barn.

The angry trio pushed it, with Nate and Belle escaping, while Sam climbed over some hay bales to safety.

We believed it.

As we all breathed again, knowing the three amigos had been saved from danger, we noticed that when Sam jumped, he had been impaled on a spike from a piece of farm equipment.

Fans of the gruesome scenes were left reeling, and it''s not like the sweet-natured Dingle.

When I tell you we screamed when it showed Sam. He best be ok #Emmerdale @emmerdale October 17, 2022

No, please please! I was not expecting that! Sam was not expecting it! #emmerdale October 17, 2022

Though some viewers weren''t panicking, they remembered how Liv Flaherty was at death''s door after being attacked by evil Terry a few episodes ago.

Although Vinny was warned his wife might not pull through, she was back to normal the very next episode.

Is there going to be a miracle for Sam Dingle?

Fans of this series took to social media to express their hopes of a rapid recovery.

Sam will no longer live through it, but it''s emmerdale, so he''ll be recovered in a DAY #Emmerdale October 17, 2022

Sam Dingle will not be able to survive that, since his heart has healed! I''m planning to be running in the Hotton marathon on Thursday #Emmerdale October 17, 2022.

Reality Sam will die, Soap Drama he makes a complete recovery in five days #emmerdaleOctober 17, 2022

Is it possible to be capable of survive such a tragic event? We''re not sure - it sounded pretty bad. In the soap, there are a few things we know about him.

Fortunately we don''t have to wait too long to find out! returns to our screens at 7.30pm this evening, and every weeknight, with a Thursday hour-long episode.

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