Someone appoints PT for a non-jailbroken PS5, and it performs well

Someone appoints PT for a non-jailbroken PS5, and it performs well

Last week, we talked about how someone managed to jailbreak the PS5, and why people began installing PT on their consoles as a result. In 2022, PT, the game''s first known Silent Hills, will be a bit of a problem.

In 2014, someone determined the enigma out, and realized it was for an upcoming Silent Hill game. After a disagreement between Konami and Hideo Kojima, PT was removed from the PlayStation Store and to fade into obscurity.

Despite the fact that the game existed for the years, people have always been interested in getting the PT high. There are many PC clones of the demo, many of them great, but none of them are perfect, and even in light of news about a prison term, many tried their luck at returning PT once more. Unfortunately, the game could be successfully installed, but there was no way to go. Until now, anyway.

Lance McDonald, a streamer and modder, has successfully completed the PT on a non-jailbroken PS5, and he''s been sharing the whole process with anyone who has joined his Twitch channel.


Well, how has Lance managed it? Well, I''ll be honest, it''s not something many of us will be able to do. So, don''t forget to get up on your hopes that you''ll be playing PT tonight. Basically, Lance required to legitimately own PT on a PSN account. He then activated his PSN account on a jailbroken PS5 console and a normal, non-jailbroken console, and was able to go ahead and install the PKG

Both parties were required by Lance to support a large amount of files he didn''t want to lose. And thats because, let''s hope, you may try this if you happen to have two PS5s knocking around. However, this comes with the possibility that your account will be banned.

This discovery comes at the perfect time, considering that Konami finally unveiled the news of a upcoming Silent Hill reveal.

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