The CEO of Obsidian claims it's "not even a question" if the studio would do anotherFallout

The CEO of Obsidian claims it's "not even a question" if the studio would do anotherFallout

Fallout: Fans of New Vegas would love an Obsidian-style game, and a new interview with the studio''s CEO shows him that he would like to do another game.

For the 25th anniversary of Fallout, Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart discussed whether the studio would ever return to the series. "If we had the opportunity to create another Fallout game, we''d make it," Urquhart said of the fact. "If we had a chance to make another Fallout game, we''d get it," Urquhart said of the request.

"There isn''t even a question whether or not we would do it, but it''s just ''Will the opportunity arise?" Urquhart said. "I hung around at Interplay for probably an additional year because I wanted to do Fallout more. I love Fallout," according to fans. Microsoft had acquired Obsidian in 2018, then acquired Fallout rights holders Bethesda, a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media.

Starfield, the next IP on Bethesda that everyone is interested in is expected to launch next month but has not been fixed until 2023. Even though it was originally announced in 2018, we''ve had quite one good look at the game, since it received its first gameplay trailer during Xbox and Bethesda''s Game Showcase back in June. Starfield currently hasn''t a release date, but it should launch in the first half of 2023, giving Bethesda plenty of time to show off the

Although an Obsidian developed Fallout is only hypothetical, Todd Howard has said the words Fallout 5, but don''t get your hopes up for it to come out anytime soon as it''s expected to be the next game after The Elder Scrolls 6, also announced in 2018, so expect Fallout 5 by 2030 or so.

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