Someone managed to get PT on a non-jailbroken PS5, and it actually works

Someone managed to get PT on a non-jailbroken PS5, and it actually works

We just told you all this week how someone managed to jailbreak the PS5, and, as a result, people began installing PT on their consoles. In 2022, the process of PT is likely to be a shambles.

In 2014, someone discovered the truth and discovered the future Silent Hill game. Later, Silent Hills was canceled because to a disturbance between Konami and Hideo Kojima, leaving PT to be removed from the PlayStation Store and to fade into obscurity.

People have been chasing the PT high ever since. There are several PC clones of the demo, many of which are fantastic but none of them are perfect, and, after all, many found that a jailbreak for the PS5 was possible. Sadly, the game might be able to be installed, but there was no way to proceed. Until now, anyway.

Lance McDonald, a Streamer and modder, has successfully implemented PT on a non-jailbroken PS5, and he has been sharing the whole process with anyone interested in his Twitch channel.

hahahahahaHAHAHA I received P.T. working on a fully-renewable non-jailbroken PlayStation 5! Eat shit, Konami! I was able to transfer a hacked PS4 emulator from a different jailbroken PS5 using a USB backup to unlock the game on my main PS5!

So, how have Lance managed it? Well, Ill be honest, this is not something many of us are going to be able to do. So, don''t miss out on how many people will be able to do it tonight. Basically, Lance required to legitimately own PT on a PSN account, and he then activated his PSN account on a jailbroken PS5 console and a normal, non-jailbroken console. He was able to go ahead and install the PKG

So, naturally, Lance required him to provide a lot of documents he didn''t want to lose. And thats because, eventually, you can try this if you happen to have two PS5s knocking around. This is because of the dangers of your account being banned.

Conami finally unveiled the news of a forthcoming Silent Hill reveal at the end of the day.

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