In an Overwatch 2depression, the base mains are currently soaring

In an Overwatch 2depression, the base mains are currently soaring

The Bastion mains'' greatest boy has been removed from Overwatch 2. It was ripped from the game due to a simple-to-do and super-overpowered bug, leaving the game in a state of terrible disarray.

Should it really take 5+ days to fix an ultimate? HyperBastiorean, a r/BastionMains user, is dissatisfied with Blizzard for too long to fix their favourite hero. Five days isn''t even that long a stretch, but there is the link between certain Bastion buds on the internet, striking out at others like Sickboy on his epic heroin comedown in Trainspotting.

Some bravely believe they can live a life without Bastion, despite their lifetime leading them to become commenters on the Bastion subreddit. Dodo501 writes: Even if/when he''s added back, I will not be reinstalling. Indeed, for all the genuine difficulties Overwatch 2 players have had to deal with, such as an awful battle pass and a phone verification system, it must suck to remove your beloved main character.

Others have turned to journaling to express their disappointment, like Enforcer_XD: Day 5... or 4, I can''t even remember... no beep boop man... my sanity is ruined... I can''t sleep and I cannot eat... my brain is attempting to keep my spirits alive by now... my favorite piece of metal was killed...

With only a few weeks on when Bastion will be returning, youve got to feel for those one-tricks who just want to grab out their turret and go ham in quick matches. Sure, you may use this opportunity to learn some new characters, but it sounds like work to be honest and who has the time to do it.

If youre a Bastion main, please let us know below how youre holding up? Are you feeling well, do you have someone close you can talk to? Keep an eye on, buddy.

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