The first filmmaker for The Kingdom Hearts TV series has finally discovered the light of the day

The first filmmaker for The Kingdom Hearts TV series has finally discovered the light of the day

Did you know that a TV series called Kingdom Hearts was back in the day? Well, it was, and the original producer provided the pilot earlier this week.

The Kingdom Hearts TV series was an American influenced portrayal of the original game, but it never got off the ground. Despite the fact that bits and pieces of the show have been linked online, like storyboards and various works of art, a full pilot has been the holy grail that fans have been following for years. Now, director of the project Seth Kearsley has shared the entire animatic pilot online, and it honestly isn''t the worst thing in the world.

Jiminy Cricket, a protagonist from Pinocchio, plays the animatic quite well as such, assuming he keeps an eye on the events canonically. It''s definitely rough around the edges, as it''s rather than fully animated.

Pretty much everything in the voice cast has been restored, the only one remaining being Haley Joel Osment as Sora himself, apparently due to scheduling difficulties, making this one of the rare occasions he hasn''t actually voiced the character.

Kingdom Hearts can sometimes struggle to capture the characteristics of characters like Donald and Goofy, moreso having its own twist on them, but the pilot is much more apparent in other roles.

The pilot is a little bit more enticing, revealing just about what you need to know, the most of it being set on Agrabah from Aladdin.

In a separate video, Kearsley explained that he decided to share the pilot owing to a serious car accident he encountered in January of this year, which almost took his life, so he wanted to share his work that he hadn''t previously "put out in the world."

Unfortunately, Kearsley has since taken down his upload, as a result of a fact that someone at Disney "was politely asked to politely ask me to take it down. Though he explained, someone else has reuploaded it, so you still have to check it out.

Overall it''s an interesting look into an alternate world, one that would have featured a very early Disney show in the game Kingdom Hearts. Whether that''s a better world, we''ll never know.

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