The witchyCatalyst is Apex Legends' latest character

The witchyCatalyst is Apex Legends' latest character

In a new animated short showing off her roots, Respawn has revealed its newest character, Apex Legends, Catalyst.

Catalyst, also known as Tressa Smith, is an "experienced terraformer and defensive conjurer" who "utilises her incredible control of ferrofluid to manipulate the battlefield," according to the game''s official website. In the short, the game, called Last Hope, features her and a friend in attempting to save one of the Boreas'' moons, Cleo, but they disagree with the method in doing so.

Catalyst appears to have a very witchy stance, although with a sci-fi twist, some very strong stances overall. Catalyst is also seen talking with Rampart as the two talk about some crystals that the former is reading, bringing a sense of witchy stance to a close.

This new character reunites with Season 15 of the game, Eclipse, which includes more than just a new character. While a new map may be coming to the game, it''s difficult to glean from the game''s website. Besides, gifting is also coming to the game, which allows you to send things like skins to your friends. Though you can only do this by using Apex Coins, you''ll be limited to giving five gifts every 24 hours.

There will be a new battle pass, which will, as always, involve daily and weekly challenges that will bring you some legendary skins, reactive weapon skins, and more.

GamesRadar was able to talk with Respawn about the new character, who is the game''s first transgender lady to come to the game. Both GLAAD and its transgender employees seemed to work to make sure that Catalyst respectfully represents the community.

Respawn announced that it would include gifting earlier this year as well as cross progression, though there are no updates on the latter one yet.

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