TOTW 5 predictions and release date for FIFA 23

TOTW 5 predictions and release date for FIFA 23

Are you looking for FIFA 23 TOTW 5 predictions? Every Wednesday, a new set of Team of the Week cards drop in FIFA 23. Depending on their performance in real life matches, they will offer upgrades over their standard card versions. The FIFA 23 Ones to Watch promotion includes a slew of dynamic cards that upgrade whenever a featured player receives a TOTW item.

This guide will reveal your FIFA 23 TOTW 5 predictions, which are based on your previous performance. We''ll also include the date and time of the TOTW 5 release date and the new lineup in case you want an update on the previous tournament.

FIFA 23 TOTW 5 predictions

Below are our FIFA 23 TOTW 5 predictions:

  • GK: Alisson
  • CB: Joe Gomez
  • CB: Virgil Van Dijk
  • RB: Silas Katompa Mvumpa
  • LB: Reinildo Mandava
  • LM: Leroy Sane
  • CM: Nicolo Barella
  • LW: Martin Terrier
  • RW: Bukayo Saka
  • ST: Jonathan David
  • ST: Janik Haberer

FIFA 23 TOTW 5 release time

If the TOTW 5 lineup follows the same pattern as the previous weeks, it will not be announced until that time, but we can anticipate to get some predictions by watching the performance of FIFA 23 players in the coming days.

FIFA 23 TOTW 4 lineup

The FIFA 23 TOTW 4 lineup is now available:

  • GK: Donnarumma (89 overall)
  • LB: Joao Cancelo (89 overall)
  • CB: Tomori (86 overall)
  • RWB: Frimpong (83 overall)
  • CM: Pedri (86 overall)
  • CAM: Mount (86 overall)
  • RM: Correa (85 overall)
  • CM: Bruno Guimaraes (84 overall)
  • LM: Martinelli (84 overall)
  • ST: Muriel (84 overall)
  • ST: Joselu (83 overall)
  • GK: Armani (82 overall)
  • LB: Bensebaini (82 overall)
  • CM: Fernandez (82 overall)
  • CAM: Buyalskyi (81 overall)
  • RW: Pepe (82 overall)
  • ST: Modeste (82 overall)
  • ST: Valencia (81 overall)
  • CAM: Gazdag (78 overall)
  • ST: Mario Gonzalez (79 overall)
  • CF: Eikrem (79 overall
  • ST: Brenner (78 overall)
  • ST: Van Veen (76 overall)

Many of these players did not come as a surprise, with Joao Cancelo, Frimpong, Tomori, Mount, and Guimaraes all expected to appear. However, no of these players have Ones to Watch cards, so the ratings on our FIFA 23 OTW tracker did not vary much this week.

How to get TOTW cards in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

For the first week of their launch, TOTW cards are available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team packs. Most TOTW cards are gold, meaning you''ll likely want to invest in gold packs or the limited premium packs in the store.

You may travel to the transfer market and purchase TOTW cards directly from other players. Right now, a Haalands TOTW 3 card is receiving an enormous amount of coins, but other cards, such as Trapp and Clauss, are currently trading for around 30000 coins. That is, for some of the most popular cards on FIFA 23 right now.

How to challenge the TOTW squad in FIFA 23

If you want to test your stance against the current FIFA 23 TOTW squad, then you can head over to the Squad Battles mode in Ultimate Team. There, you may play a single player match against the TOTW squad, which is controlled by the AI.

By defeating the TOTW squad, you may earn a total of 1600 points. Squad Battles rewards include gold packs and a large amount of coins, so they are worth doing every week.

We''ve wrapped up our FIFA 23 TOTW guide, but there''s still plenty to learn. Make sure you understand how chemistry works in FIFA 23. With our Around the World, First XI, Puzzle Master, and Seven League Boots solution guides, you can get rewards.

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