This week, Konami is releasing a Silent Hill stream

This week, Konami is releasing a Silent Hill stream

After a decade of mostly, well, silence, Konami have announced that a Silent Hill Transmission will be scheduled for this Wednesday, October 19th at 10pm BST / 2pm PDT. However, no information has been released on their site, so you should be able to watch it there.

Do you see the town in your midst of your sorrow? The latest information for the SILENT HILL series will be revealed during the #SILENT HILL Transmission on Wednesday, October 19th, at 2:00 PM. PDT

As we head back into the muddy town, it''s worth contemplating what this stream might reveal. Last week, I reported that Christophe Gans, the director of Silent Hill, was talking about several games in the survival horror series that he claimed were in development at Konami. One of these is reportedly being worked on by Team Silent, according to Gans, and the other is the rumoured remake of Silent Hill 2 from Layers Of Fear and The Medium devs Bloober Team.

In September, the rumours of a new Silent Hill remake were swirling. Interestingly, rumors erupted in the wake of the launch of the series.

If the Silent Hill transmission starts on October 19, please let me know what Konami will do. For the time being, there''s a web for whatever they''re planning to announce, but its still a bit bare.

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