In this fun little indiegame, clean the haunted house

In this fun little indiegame, clean the haunted house

I knew exactly what I would have seen in the ''haunted house cleaning simulator''. And yet, I enjoyed my ten minutes of binning rubbish and mopping up stains (just stains, don''t worry about it). Finally, I watched the conclusion again, even knowing I am a big scared baby. Ugh. I will regret having played this next time I clean my flat at night.

I stumbled upon Late Night Mop, which I instantly knew would be simple cleaning (more like the VCD or PowerWash Simulator) and would be stocked with spooky noises and startingling jumpscares. Yep, that''s all. Walk around, clicking on stains, and picking trash up to dump in bins, and then strange things are there. I''m pleased with it.

It has an idea, it executes it solidly, and it has a few nice touches which made it difficult for me. I don''t usually find jumpscares interesting but did enjoy them here. They were excellent placed, but I did get them funny when I got back to my computer (I might not like jumpscares, but that doesn''t mean they don''t get me ). I like that at the end, it understood what I wanted to do and allowed me.

I enjoy small games that function good for a brief while before the joke fades or wears thin. I suspect many games of the genre are created with screechy YouTubers and Twitchers in mind but hey, I can enjoy them by myself too. Like how prlbrlbbing to activate magic trousers in the Weird RPG was still fun to me, however it did not end before it started dragging.

Late Night Mop, designed by Lixian, is available on and Game Jolt for Windows and Mac. It''s pay-what-you-can, with no minimum. I think you may enjoy this feature in your lineup if you''re planning to play ghostie games this Halloween season.

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