Wordle's day #486 and suggestions are in the works today (Tuesday 18 October 2022)

Wordle's day #486 and suggestions are in the works today (Tuesday 18 October 2022)

I''ll be honest with you, as today''s Wordle puzzle is a bit of a confusing one to get. Also, consider if you enjoyed this article, so make sure you''re not at risk, because here''s a few tricks to convict you in the direction of the solution. So here''s a few ideas to go ahead and see the answers in full!

Wordle October 18 hints

Do you need a few suggestions to assist you with the Wordle answer today? Well, without further ado, here''s how you can proceed:

  • This word begins with a vowel.
  • It contains the letter "X".
  • This verb refers to a very basic activity in fact, you''''re doing it right now.

Wordle answer today October 18

It''s time to offer the answer to today''s Wordle. The word is...


Wordle is planning to offer us an existential dilemma with this one! To exist is, quite simply, to be an objective part of reality. If you consider that you merely "exist," it''s possible that you''re not capable of living life to the fullest extent, perhaps due to bad circumstances. Yikes, today''s definition will not be as harsh as today''s answer.

How to play Wordle

Wordle is a straightforward word guessing game. It''s a matter of guessing. Each letter in your chosen word will highlight green if they''re in the correct place, or yellow if they''re in the wrong place. If a letter does not appear in the solution word, it''ll remain unhighlighted.

By using these clues, you can begin to select the correct word by figuring out which letters are included in the word and in which positions they belong. Take a look at the Wordle website for yourself. It''s only one wordle puzzle that can be found every day, and you''ll need to wait until tomorrow.

How did Wordle begin?

After a bit of refinement, Wordle developed a small family game called Power Language, where he and his partner could play a fun little word game together during the epidemic. However, Wardle quickly discovered that this simple little guessing game had something quite special. So, it was released to the public on his website, Power Language.

The game was first released in October 2021, and by the end of the year, the game had two million daily players. It became a viral hit, partly due to the ease with which players may distribute their results in a spoiler-free manner on Twitter and other social media sites. In January 2022, Wardle accepted an offer to acquire Wordle for a seven-figure sum.

Are any Wordle words not allowed?

The answer can be used in almost any five-letter word in the English language, and Wordle will accept it as a guess. Nevertheless, the answer is selected from a far smaller list of more common five-letter words. Though there are still tens of thousands of possible answers, it implies that the answer will never be a word as obscure as "THIOL" or "CAIRD" or "MALIC."

The New York Times will select not to publish as the day''s Wordle answer, perhaps for reasons relating to recent news or politics. For example, shortly after news that Roe v Wade might be overturned in the United States, the NYT decided to change the word "FETUS" to "SHINE." The impression was that the word "fetus" was too politically charged a word in the context of recent events.

The New York Times has been careful not to allow what they consider to be rude words as the answer to a Wordle puzzle. However, there''s no need to use even the most dirtiest of words as guesses, as long as they''re accepted words in the dictionary, and as long as you realize that they''ll never end up being the answer.

Is Wordle getting too easy for you?

If Wordle is starting to become too complicated, here are a few strategies you can use to make the game more challenging for yourself. The first step is to turn on Hard Mode. This means that any highlighted letters will be used in all future guesses. This prevents you from following the common trick of using two words like "OUNCE" and "PAINS."

By playing by "Ultra-Hard" rules, you may add another punch. This means that every guess you enter may be the answer. Even if you were just playing on Hard Mode, and you typed "MOIST" and the "O" appeared yellow, then nothing would stop you from making "POLAR" as your next word, even though it couldn''t be the answer because you already know the "O." is ineffective. You must follow every clue and make sure every word you enter is possible.

If Wordle is still too easy for you, then you may always try one of the many other Wordle-inspired games online that have been introduced over the past year. Worldle, in which you must spell a country of the world based on its shape, is also Waffle, which features a movie in a small space of time, and challenges you to see the movie within six guesses. Quordle, which assists you with solving four Wordles at once with the same results.

If you need help with future Wordles, check out our list of the best Wordle starting words for the greatest chances of success. You can also browse our archive of previous Wordle answers to see which words have been chosen previously.

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