This week, Capcom will be hosting a Resident Evil demo

This week, Capcom will be hosting a Resident Evil demo

This week, Capcom have announced that it will be streaming a Resident Evil showcase this Thursday, October 20th. They have even hired Resident Evil Villages Merchant to film the trailer. Here''s a look at all the things happening in the show stream.

Capcom believe it will be releasing more from Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition, which will include snippets from the Shadows Of Rose and The Mercenaries: Additional Orders DLC. This is the one game you can play as a slightly smaller version of Lady Dimitrescu, the ever magnetic Heisenberg, and rock-puncher extraordinaire Chris Redfield. This is because Capcom insists there will be more, and im still holding out for the original Resi games and Code Veronica on PC. Please?

We believe Resident Evil Village is one of the best PC horror games, and I think I''m ready for some reasons to get back to it. Katharine previewed Shadows Of Rose last month, and discovered the new third-person perspective mixed things up a little. The castle setting may be familiar, but this change in control scheme is just enough to make its polished floors and corridors feel fresh and dangerous again.

Resident Evil Villages The Winters Expansion will be available on Steam on October 28th for 16/$20/20. The Resident Evil showcase kicks off at 11pm BST/3pm PDT and October 21st at 12am CEST. You may check out Capcom Europes YouTube, the Resident Evil Twitch channel, or the Resi showcase website here.

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