This week, Hard West 2 has announced a new after dark update

This week, Hard West 2 has announced a new after dark update

Good Shepherd Entertainment and Ice Code Games have released a new update for, as you''ll be fighting "After Dark." The content will add in some tough challenges for you, as they have included two new modes for you to get slaughtered in. Or hey, maybe you''ll blister your way through it and think it was easy. A completely new weapon has been added to the mix, and the team has reduced a spooky level after the update as you''ll face nightmares on the edge of town. Enjoy the

In this exciting new questline, you''ll learn how to use the demonic Hellfire Rifle for yourself to use in the campaign. This update and the spooky season, we''re also offering a 20% discount from now until October 31st.

  • A whole new level called "After Dark": When Gin and company encounter a strange Saloon on the outskirts of the world, they quickly discover that a couple of drinks aren''''t going to pay their way to safety in a room full of all their worst enemies. Join us for this wild ride beginning at Chapter 3 of .
  • A special demonic reward weapon, the "Hellfire Rifle": The powerful new weapon is a deadly combination of firepower and special buffs. It can only be acquired by completing the new After Dark level.
  • Two New Difficulty Levels: "Normal" and "Nightmare+" difficulty levels are now available. Normal helps to bridge the gap between Easy and Hard levels to provide a good balance of enjoyable challenge. Nightmare+ includes turn limits for those looking for an additional level of difficulty when compared to the existing Nightmare level.

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