Free Tokens and Gift Boosts in Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes [October 2022]

Free Tokens and Gift Boosts in Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes [October 2022]

In the Roblox game Super Power Fighting Simulator (SPFS), spend your days punching rocks to increase your strength or spend your time traveling around the city to become the world''s fastest person. Use your knowledge to hunt bounty targets or work with other players to rule the world, and purchase cool outfits with your Tokens to do this in style.

This year, our Super Power Fighting Simulator codes will help you get your hands on these tokens and Boosts, for free! We''ve listed the active and expired codes for the game, allowing you to know exactly which ones to redeem. In the end, games, the game developers, GameReborn, will distribute code sporadiacally. They may also drop some on your own, however, it''s worth checking back here regularly to see what''s new.

Working Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes

  • FESTIVEBOOST - 15 minutes of x2 Winter Token Boost
  • WINTERUPDATE - 7500 Tokens
  • 200KLikes - 20,000 Tokens

Expired Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes

  • FROSTOOTH - Free Rewards
  • WINTERBOOST - Free Rewards
  • WINTERTOKENS - Free Rewards
  • 85M - Free Rewards
  • XMAS - Free Rewards
  • XMASLUCK - Free Rewards
  • PRESENT1 - Free Rewards
  • PRESENT2 - Free Rewards
  • PRESENT3 - Free Rewards
  • FREEPOWER - Free Rewards
  • OPLUCK - Free Rewards
  • VOIDSHUTDOWN - Free Rewards
  • SHUTDOWNTOKENS - Free Rewards
  • 10KPlayers - Free Rewards
  • 1M - Free Rewards
  • 100KMEMBERS - Free Rewards
  • 5KPLAYERS - Free Rewards
  • 10KLIKES - Free Rewards
  • MOBILETOKENS - Free Rewards
  • Transform - Free Rewards
  • VIPTokens - Free Rewards
  • 15MVisits - Free Rewards
  • 35KLikes - Free Rewards
  • 100KFavorites - Free Rewards
  • 150KLikes - Free Rewards

How to redeem codes in Super Power Fighting Simulator

Once you have decided which codes you want to use, there are a few steps you must follow to obtain them:

If you successfully redeem an active code, the text box will tell you which rewards you have received from the code. However, if you try to redeem an expired code, the text box will indicate this by saying "Invalid Code." When you enter the code, you should clear the contents immediately. Alternatively, you may copy and paste them from this page to avoid any errors.

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