Free Gems and Boosts in Minion Simulator Codes (October2022)

Free Gems and Boosts in Minion Simulator Codes (October2022)

The Roblox game is where you can get a horde or even a loyal followers to help you with your plans and goals. However, the aim of the game is to find Gems to complete your character roster. It can take a long time to get enough of them to begin your army, and that''s where codes come in.

The Minion Simulator codes give you a slew of rewards such as Gems and Boosters. However, the Gems themselves are useful as they are a way to purchase items and enhance loyal minions, but the boosters are equally as good. The developers, Liftoff Games!, are releasing codes to commemorate game milestones, so make sure to check here regularly to see what''s new.

Working Minion Simulator Codes

  • GROUP700K - Triple Gems Booster (NEW!)
  • LIKE170K - x2 Triple Damage Boosters (NEW!)
  • LIKE140K - 3x Triple Gems Boosters
  • LIKE150K - 2x Mega Lucky Boosters
  • LIKE160K - 2x Triple Gems Boosters
  • TWITTER40K - x2 Triple Gems Boosters
  • TWITTER60K - Triple Gems Booster, Triple Damage Booster
  • WUMPUS20K - Mega Lucky Booster

Expired Minion Simulator Codes

  • LIKE130K - Mega Lucky Booster
  • GROUP200K - Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE120K - 2x Triple Damage Boosters
  • LIKE110K - Triple Gems Booster, Triple Damage Booster
  • LIKE100K - 2x Mega Lucky Boosters
  • TWITTER30K - Mega Lucky Booster
  • LIKE90K - 3x Triple Damage Boosters
  • LIKE80K - 3x Triple Gems Boosters
  • LIKE70K - Mega Lucky & Triple Gems Boosters
  • LIKE40K - Triple Gems and Triple Damage Boosters
  • LIKE45K - Triple Gems and Triple Damage Boosters
  • TWITTER20K - x2 Triple Gems Booster
  • WUMPUS10K - Mega Lucky Booster
  • LIKE30K - x2 Super Lucky and Triple Gems Boosters
  • LIKE35K - x2 Triple Gems Booster
  • NEON - x2 Triple Gems Booster
  • WUMPUS4000 - Triple Gems Booster
  • WUMPUS6000 - Triple Gems Booster
  • TWITTER5K - Triple Gems Booster
  • TWITTER10K - Triple Gems Booster
  • TWITTER15K - x2 Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE10K - Super Lucky and Triple Gems Booster
  • LIEK15K - Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE20K - Super Lucky and Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE25K - x2 Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE500 - 5,000 Gems
  • LIKE750 - 5,000 Gems
  • LIKE2000 - Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE5000 - 2x Super Lucky Booster
  • TWITTER2K - Super Lucky Booster
  • TWITTER1K - Triple Gems Booster
  • LAUNCH - Super Lucky and Triple Gem Booster
  • LIKE250 - 3,000 Gems, Triple Gem Booster

How do I redeem codes in Minion Simulator?

Once you''ve identified which codes you want to redeem in Minion Simulator, you''ll need to follow these simple steps:

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