Codes for the Tower of Fantasy, and how to redeem them [October 2022]

Codes for the Tower of Fantasy, and how to redeem them [October 2022]

Tower of Fantasy is another, as you might expect, fantasy-infused action-RPG with its own set of free codes, which includes powerful items and resources.

Level Infinite, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, is available for PC and mobile, and offers quite a few similarities to Tower of Fantasy, a mysterious genre of game that you might already be familiar with. Free rewards can be given during your first few hours as you explore the beauty of the area.

Following the tradition of gacha games before, Tower of Fantasy is offering its own codes that players may redeem for a variety of gifts and goodies that''ll assist them with crafting the best of weapons.

Below, we''ve found all active codes in Tower of Fantasy right now, as well as expired ones, and how to proceed with redeeming your freebies!

Active codes for Tower of Fantasy

Last checked: October 17

Here are a few examples of the most recent Tower of Fantasy codes.

  • 9A98W5P0 - 1x Gold Nucleus
  • 9AA5GFYG - 8,888 Gold, 1x SR Relic Shard Box
  • ILOVETOF - 1x Gold Nucleus, 5x Weapon Battery II
  • TOF666 - 8,888 Gold, 1x SR Relic Shard Box
  • TOF888 - 8,888 Gold, 1x Black Nucleus, 10x Crispy Grilled Fish

These codes were previously active with a penalty limit, but they have now been given to everyone once more!

How do I redeem codes in Tower of Fantasy?

First things first, you must have completed the Tower of Fantasy tutorial. Once this is done, you''re ready to begin redeeming any Tower of Fantasy codes that you''ve already purchased.

  • Select the gift-shaped icon in the top right-hand corner. Use L-Alt to select it if you''''re on PC.
  • Select ''''Rewards'''' from the lower left-hand corner of the menu.
  • Then, select ''''Exchange'''', which is also on the left.
  • From here, you can input the code you want to redeem, and hit ''''Confirm''''.
  • Continue to rinse and repeat the above until you''''ve redeemed all of your codes.
  • After this, you need to retrieve your rewards from your mailbox. Leave the Rewards menu, and go into your Friends menu.
  • Then, select the Mailbox in the upper right-hand corner and claim your redeemed rewards.

There''s a lot of work to be done, but it''s always worthwhile for some free goods.

Expired codes for Tower of Fantasy

These are all the expired Tower of Fantasy codes, so try your luck with them, but these will not be working again!

  • TOF0811TOF

For Tower of Fantasy codes, here''s a look at our currency calculator and how to earn it.

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