Elden Ring's latest update might be focusing on ray tracing and DLCmaps

Elden Ring's latest update might be focusing on ray tracing and DLCmaps

Elden Ring''s latest update was posted earlier this week, and it appears to have information about ray tracing, or even the DLC.

Elden Ring patch 1.07 had intended for PvP and PvE balance, so tweaks to one will not affect the other. However, dataminer Lance MdDonald found some new menu strings that reference ray tracing were found in the code.

McDonald later learned that the ray tracing settings were automatically disabled, which he shared on his Twitter. He also sipped that there might be some missing shaders who are the problem for the moment being. McDonald also discovered that with the ray tracing enabled, the game still uses screen space reflections in water, which means the geometry isn''t rendered twice, thus it isn''t too demanding performance wise.

Ray tracing is certainly a fantastic idea, but there are some minor changes to maps that didn''t exist before the update, according to another dataminer, Sekiro Dubi. These new maps are labelled "m20 and m45, neither of which are currently attached to an area that can be visited.

The m20 reference appears to follow in line with the number structure for the upcoming dungeons in the game, as m10 is Stormveil, and m11 is Leyndell, leading up to the m19, stone platform. Right now, what m45 might be for is unknown, as there are no numbers that match it, thus it may be a whole new section that players visit.

These map references aren''t the only ones that appear to be suggesting towards DLC preparation, as it appears that an explicit reference to DLC01 has been made, but, honestly, until an official announcement is made this is mostly just speculation (thanks, Eurogamer).

Elden Ring''s latest update adds menu strings to its ray tracing features. pic.twitter.com/LrCaqkzfsV

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