Wargaming Sydney has been acquired by Riot Games, which has now been dubbed RiotSydney

Wargaming Sydney has been acquired by Riot Games, which has now been dubbed RiotSydney

Riot Games, a League of Legends developer, has announced that it has acquired Wargaming Sydney, a studio set in World of Tanks.

Riot Games has announced today, October 17, that its studio will be renamed Riot Sydney, which will use its "considerable expertise" to further strengthen the League of Legends, Valorant, and tech teams at Riot. According to a press release, the studio will be a major contributor to Riot''s Development Studios organization. Under industry veteran and Riots Head of Development Studios, Molly Mason-Boule, the studio will use its "considerable knowledge" to build the League of Legends,

According to a press release, "Riot is expanding its approach to global development, and with the time, Riot is looking forward to expanding the game industry in Australia, and will continue to investigate similar opportunities to recruit expert talent from previous studios."

Riot will be joined by the development team, as the publishing division will stay at Wargaming.

"Being a part of Wargaming has been a great journey for us in the last ten years," said the head of development, Nareshi Hirani, who spoke in the interview. We were truly impressed by the cultural contribution we have experienced in our discussions with everyone at Riot, and we cant wait to share our knowledge on global development with the respective teams."

With its Bigworld Technology, the studio''s main development platform that assists developers in developing MMO''''s and online games, was an obvious part of Riot''s main activities, considering that its major titles are Valorant and League of Legends.

A data from Kotaku on the Riot Games culture revealed enormous issues, which ultimately resulted in a $100 million gender discrimination lawsuit. At the start of the year, Riot outlined its intentions for the next five years as a company, though how many things have changed is still unclear at this time.

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