Requiem will allow you to tie the poster to the final

Requiem will allow you to tie the poster to the final

Look, we all know that a wave of dissatisfaction arises when you cock-up a stealth section and get noticed anyway. There''s always a lingering sense of having not done things correctly. Regardless, perhaps, you''ll make a mental note to do better on your next playthrough. A Plague Tale: Requiem encourages you to simply manage.

The final line of chapter two shows off as a stealth section, complete with reeds to hide in, guards with predictable patrols, and plenty of cover to duck behind. But something happens about half way through, which mixes things up in a way that the first game never really knew: the rats cometh. Moving up from the ground, through the walls, hugging the edge of the light, and filling every dark space, is harrowing.

It''s perfectly possible to beat the level, but for some it may be an exercise in frustration that requires a change of tack. The tack is: leg it.

It might take a couple of steps to reach the door, as there are scripted moments where the guards will cross your path before going through the rat outbreak, which just reinforces the belief that the game will take you to complete a run rather than sneak around. And this sort of opportunity that allows you to avoid potentially around fifteen minutes of game, has been enlisted into the level as a concession to (or apology for) the fact that the game''s systems do not really interact that well, or... is it

I''m likely to be getting too much into it, but this is a moment that I consider fascinating.

Tomorrow will be A Plague Tale: Requiem on PC and Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and PS5.

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