Of course, John Romero's autobiography will be called DoomGuy

Of course, John Romero's autobiography will be called DoomGuy

John Romero, the legendary designer and co-writer of PC classics Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein, has announced that his autobiography ''Doom Guy Life In First-Person'' will be available for free until early next year, but is it true that the Doom movie from 2005 starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson is a technically Romeros biopic? Im quite irritated.

Romero claims the book is a positive story of gratitude for a life in games and that it will explain what he learned from his many years in the business. The Romero family history appears to be quite interesting enough to hold anyone''s attention for several hundred pages. Romans'' great grandmother Elvira Duarte was the basis for one of the Romero Games 2020 gangsters, for example.

According to the books blurb, Romero has a condition called hyperthymesia, which allows individuals to remember an unusual amount of detail from their life experiences. Following Romero''s initial remarks, he stated that his kids are recommending him to follow up by developing a cookbook of family foods now he is an author. Let''s hope that FOOD is called.

If you like reading about Romero''s life and life, then there''s more information about ''Doom Guy Life In First-Person'' on the Romeros website. It''s 30/35/$37 for a signed hardback copy, and it''s expected to be published by Abrams Press in February 2023.

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