In August, new comic survival street skaters snatched corporate America

In August, new comic survival street skaters snatched corporate America

The new series, directed by James Asmus, Jim Festante, Ellie Wright, and Taylor Esposito, is based on the notion of what if American capitalism got even worse than it already is, and the actors of children''s television programs like Sesame Street (as they can''t say it in the press release) had to take to the streets to engage vigilante education, but there is also possibility that survival Street may be a year or two into the future, although in some instances, a corporate feu

"SURVIVAL STREET" was created as our personal pandemic passion project," said James Asmus in his press release, "but once Jim and I connected with Abylay, he brought it thundering to life as the ultimate world and story to transform so much of our anxieties, frustration, future shock, and gallows humor. "I''m sure that they''ve been so supportive of this wild and surprisingly personal series since Dark Horse''s inception."

Here''s a sneak peek at Survival Street, which the press release states is "brought to you by the letters F, U, K, and D!"

After an unbridled wave of corporations take over America, the country is completely deregulated. It is effectively carved up into feudal states where billionaires and businesses make their own laws. Among the problems, mass privatization shuts down public broadcasting, forcing all the beloved edu-tainers out on the dirty streets. A group of individuals is committed to continue to assist children across the country by becoming an A-Team-style group of mercenaries fighting for (and educate) children in the crumbling

The press release reveals that Survival Street is suitable for children aged 14 and older.

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