How to Create Every Weapon Evolution andunion in Vampire Survivors

How to Create Every Weapon Evolution andunion in Vampire Survivors

In Vampire Survivors, how do you develop weapons? Not to be confused with upgrading weapons, which is a relatively straightforward case of lowering stats and a few bonuses, weapon evolutions require you to apply certain ingredients to a base weapon in order to create an entirely new weapon form.

Different types of evolved weapons are often enhanced by unique effects compared to their base versions. Read on for more information about each evolved and united weapon form in Vampire Survivors and their motivations.

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Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions list

The majority of customized weapon forms in Vampire Survivors are created by combining a base weapon and a passive item. The full list of weapon evolutions in Vampire Survivors is

Base WeaponPassive ItemEvolutionDescription
WhipHollow HeartBloody TearAttacks horizontally, passes through enemies. Can deal critical damage and absorb HP.
AxeCandelabradorDeath SpiralHigh damage, high area scaling. Passes through enemies.
PentagramCrownGorgeous MoonErases everything in sight. Generates extra gems and gathers all of them.
CrossCloverHeaven SwordAims at the nearest enemy, has a boomerang effect. Can do critical damage.
Fire WandSpinachHellfireFires at a random enemy, deals heavy damage. Passes through enemies.
Magic WandEmpty TomeHoly WandFires at the nearest enemy. Fires with no delay.
Santa WaterAttractorbLa BorraGenerates damaging zones. Damaging zones follow you and grow when they move.
Song of ManaSkull O''''ManiacMannajjaAttacks vertically, passes through enemies. Might slow enemies down.
RunetracerArmorNO FUTUREPasses through enemies, bounces around. Explodes when bouncing and in retaliation.
GarlicPummarolaSoul EaterDamages nearby enemies, reduces resistance to knockback and freeze. Power increases when recovering HP.
KnifeBracerThousand EdgeFires quickly in the faced direction. Fires with no delay.
Lightning RingDuplicatorThunder LoopStrikes at random enemies. Projectiles strike twice.
King BibleSpellbinderUnholy VespersOrbits around the character. Never ends.
Shadow PinionWingsValkyrie TurnerGenerates damaging zones when moving, strikes when stopping. Bigger, longer, faster, stronger .
Gatti AmariStone MaskVicious HungerAttacks vertically, passes through enemies. Might turn anything into gold.

Vampire Survivors weapon unions list

In a few rare instances, you may instead create a weapon union. This is quite similar to weapon evolution, but involves combining two base weapons together (with or without a passive item as well) to create the new weapon form. Vampire Survivors'' complete list includes three weapons unions:

Base Weapon 1Base Weapon 2Passive ItemUnionDescription
Phiera Der TuphelloEight The SparrowTiragisuPhieraggiQuickly fires four lasers that rotate around the character. Projectile speed is lowered, but projectiles can now pass through walls. Amount and Damage scales with Revivals.
PeachoneEbony WingsN/AVandalierBombards two circling zones with projectiles. Amount and Base Damage are reduced and Cooldown is increased, but Projectile Speed and Pool Limit are also increased.

How to evolve weapons in Vampire Survivors

Before you can create a weapon in Vampire Survivors, you must have upgraded the base weapon to Level 8, which is the game''s max weapon level. In the event of weapon unions, both base weapons must have been upgraded to Level 8.

With all of the required crafting ingredients in your inventory, you must collect a Treasure Chest. These are generally dropped by bosses who spawned 10 minutes or more into a stage, although in some rare cases it''s possible to collect one sooner. Any Treasure chest dropped after this point except one containing an Arcana should be able to develop a weapon.

If you have all of the crafting supplies required for a weapon evolution in your inventory, the evolution will take place automatically. In the case of weapon unions, both base weapons will be removed and replaced with a single united weapon, thus clearing the weapon slot.

Only one evolved weapon may be generated per Treasure Chest under almost all circumstances. However, this isn''t a tough rule, and some particular Treasure Chests may in certain situations be able to generate up to five evolved weapons.

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