Japan's Dark Phantasma Preview on Pokemon TCG: Mismagius Line

Japan's Dark Phantasma Preview on Pokemon TCG: Mismagius Line

The next Pokemon TCG set will be released in Japan on May 13th and 2022. This set will continue the focus on the Hisui region that debuted earlier this year in Nintendo Switch game Pokemon Legends: Arceus. These cards, along with the upcoming Japanese versions, will feature different Hisuian characters with a unique reverse holo patter. This Zoroark-inspired set will likely be the basis for the next English-language set, Sword & Shield Lost Origin, which will be released in

  • Mismagius: ArtistHYOGONOSUKE uses a pastel and expressive style when contributing illustrations to thePokemon TCG. You may recognize HYOGONOSUKE''''s work primarily from two of the biggest Alternate Arts that took the hobby by storm last year: the Tyranitar V Alt Art fromSword & Shield Battle Styles and the Leafeon VMAX Alt Art fromSword & Shield Evolving Skies. Here, the artist behind those two juggernauts illustrates a common Misdreavus with that same attention to detail. Misdreavus''''s face is deceptively cute and I love the use of fog and minimalist colors to create a spooky background.
  • Misdreavus: We get a glowing Misdreavus seemingly about to unleash a Ghost-type attack, illustrated bykawayoo,whose other main hits this year include two of the main hitters ofSword & Shield Brilliant Stars: the Arceus V Alternate Art and the Umbreon VMAX Character Super Rare. The one thing about this card is that it''''s an uncommon, but man would it have looked nice as a holographic rare.

Here at Bleeding Cool, Japanese sets often give us early ideas on what the English-language sets might include, so keep an eye on our coverage. There are also previews of Dark Phantasma cards as well as updates on everything Pokemon TCG.

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