Even for an asequel, Overwatch 2's PVP beta is quite common

Even for an asequel, Overwatch 2's PVP beta is quite common

Liam and I have given Overwatch 2''s PVP beta a whirl, and it''s been... interesting. Both of us have reacted to that same feeling in this article, especially in the context of a Muller and its corner. In this article, we''ve teamed up in terms of word form, but we may not be surprised by that fact. So, if you prefer to see them grumble at each other in glorious video form, here''s the link below.

Ed: Let''s start with the obvious question. We''re both overwatch fans, having played an amount in the past. So, did your time with the PVP beta renew that interest, if anything?

Liam: I mean, I guess so? Yes and yes, I had a lot of fun playing the Overwatch 2 beta, but it wasn''t necessarily because of anything related to the new game. It''s also great to see how this feels about playing the beta again, because it is still as enjoyable today as in 2016 - but other than some more updated UI features and teams being limited to five players, it''s difficult to see what''s actually this time around.

Ed: Yeah, I''d agree that after years of overwatch neglect, the game is still enjoyable! So, when the roster of new members includes Sojourn, there are some new maps and a new mode called Push, it''s difficult not to feel a little deflated. For example, Mei''s stun grenade is now a measly flashbang. What do you think?

Liam: Definitely. Blizzard has shaved off the edges from a few of the games most impressive characters. Mei being forced to stop putting milk into your water balloons because the child is crying. It''s a bit like your father telling you to stop crambling in your teeth, considering that you''re putting it on your own, and how the different abilities worked in tandem to ensure the client''s safety. It''s a little disappointing that these moments are now by design,

What I will say, however, is that not all hero changes are a net negative. Orisa, a hulking robot that I had little luck with back then, has received a huge overhaul that basically makes her a different character. Her shields have been swapped for a javelin that she hoys at enemies, which is enormous fun, and in general she just feels much stronger. A tank in the very literal sense of the word? How do you feel about Blizzards'' decision

Ed: With games being 5 vs 5, there''s a lot less of the old impenetrable shield wall that plagued Overwatch for a dark, dark time. This makes games seem surprisingly open; almost freeing. It finally feels like there''s an increase in individual exposure as a result. However, the frustration is mixed up. Even if the teams are docked one tank, they''ll have less effect on their opponents.

While you''ve spent your childhood with the PVP beta, would you say you''re looking forward to it being released?

Liam: Despite my optimistic tone, I''m hoping to see how the game progresses between now and the launch. That foundation may be a bit too familiar, but it still absolutely rules. Overwatch was able to generate some phenomenal scenes of drama as you battled to pass the payload that one final inch to secure victory, and unfortunately that''s still a thing in Overwatch 2. Although, I''m somewhat concerned about this PVE mode Blizzard''s appearance. Im also optimistic that this sequel will be

Ed: I''ll continue my grumble, though. Overwatch 2 captures those special, heart-stopper moments. I''m just not sure that the PVP side of things does enough to bring me back into the fold. However, I do agree with you on the PVE side. I''m also holding out hope that this is where the "2" comes to the fore.

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