Today's Wordle answer (Saturday 14 May 2022): Wordle 329 solution and suggestions

Today's Wordle answer (Saturday 14 May 2022): Wordle 329 solution and suggestions

Looking for a Wordle answer for Saturday 14 May 2022? Looks like these days everyone and their grandma is playing Wordle, a simple yet devilishly addictive (and free!) word puzzle game that took the world by storm around Christmastime and showed no signs of abandoning even as the summer approaches.

Wordle can be quite tense with just six suggestions to devise the five-letter solution for each day. This guide will give you a few suggestions to today''s Wordle solution, but it''s also included the answer itself further down the page.

Wordle hints for Saturday 14 May 2022

Here are a few suggestions to help you formulate today''s Wordle strategy.

  • Today''''s answer contains two vowels.
  • The final letter is "L".
  • It''''s a versatile noun, heard in contexts including music and kitchenware.

Wordle answer for Saturday 14 May 2022

If you want to see the answer to today''s Wordle, here''s how you can do it. A last note for those who want to avoid spoilers! Are we all ready? Here''s what we do here.

METAL is today''s Wordle.

Metal - back in high school it influenced your favourite band; now it''s more readily associated with your favourite type of cutlery. There''s no stopping the good stainless steel stuff. Either way, try to at least wait until tomorrow before sharing this solution as a compliment to other Wordle players.

If you want to fill the empty hours until then by brushing up on your strategy, why not check out our free transcripts to the best Wordle beginning words? We''ve also collected a wide archive of World answers for your edification and entertainment.

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