Wordle's Answer for May 12 (Puzzle 327) - Hints, clues, andsolution

Wordle's Answer for May 12 (Puzzle 327) - Hints, clues, andsolution

To get the Wordle answer today, you will have to think critically, but we were there to help.

It''s May 12 and we''re going to solve puzzle number 327.

Wordle is one of those great guessing games that feel like they have a hint of strategy. As you guess words to solve the puzzle, correct letters in the correct place turn green, while correct letters in the wrong position turn orange.

Wreake your brain, pick up a dictionary, and try to remember everything you learned in English to succeed. However, sometimes you need more than a few clues.

Here are some questions weve answered today''s Wordle question, as well as a few more answers, as well as a list of previous suggestions, so you don''t have to waste guesses.

Clues and hints for Today''''s Wordle Answer

So you have dismissed your best guesses, but today''s Wordle is still adamant.

Before you skip it in, here are a few suggestions to help you complete the puzzle.

Your observations are the following:

  • The answer contains only 1 vowel
  • That vowel hasnt been in any of the last 7 Wordles
  • The answer is in past tense

These are the five words that have been used in Wordle puzzles this week. They will certainly not be used twice!

  • #320 - Homer - May 5
  • #321 - Badge - May 6
  • #322 - Midst - May 7
  • #323 - Canny - May 8
  • #324 - Shine - May 9
  • #325 - Gecko - May 10
  • #326 - Farce - May 11

Todays Wordle Answer May 12th

The answer to Wordle today has been dissected.

The past tense of sling and the term of throw, slung, is not just a past tense word, but an irregular one at that.

As different rules come in and out of use and are adopted or dropped by the majority of speakers, irregular verbs are a natural part of how languages develop over time.

Slung is an example of a powerful verb that changes its vowel when it is combined to the previous tension.

Try these Wordle alternatives if you''re still contemplating a word guessing exercise.

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