Starfield and Redfall have been relegated until 2023

Starfield and Redfall have been relegated until 2023

The end of 2022 with a quiet day just got even more quiet: Bethesda has announced that both Starfield and Redfall will be delayed until 2023.

Both Bethesda Game Studios (working on Starfield) and Arkane Austin (working on Redfall) require more time on their respective projects to make them the "best, most polished" titles they can be.

The downside? It sounds like there will be a blowout showcase that will introduce us to both titles'' gameplay. "We can''t wait to share our first deep dive into the game for Redfall and Starfield soon," says Bethesda. Expect that at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, which will take place on June 12.

This increase in popularity makes the Christmas slate of games even more quiet than it previously anticipated; aside from the annual CoD which will be a follow-up to 2019''s Modern Warfare, there are still limited triple-A titles announced for the usually-busy release window.

If you''ve already forgotten about Redfall, then it''s billed as an open-world FPS, which lets you escape with a few survivors and battling to wipe the town dry. It''s a game that includes both the Xbox Series and the PC, and it was supposed to launch this summer.

Starfield is ecstatic about its success as an entertaining space exploration to "answer humanity''s greatest mystery" and the game''s first new IP in 25 years. Why not read 14 things we have so far about the Xbox-exclusive Bethesda RPG.

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