DeNA unveils new major content concept art depicting a place where you may interact with Pokemon MastersEX trainers

DeNA unveils new major content concept art depicting a place where you may interact with Pokemon Mas

The app store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) are being held daily, with additional Pokemon and recognizable characters from the Pokemon franchise.

The Pokemon Masters EX Team''s Message (Vol. 34)

A Message from the Pokemon Masters EX Team (Vol.34)

Greetings, Trainers.

Were you the producers of Pokemon Masters EX, Yu Sasaki, and Tetsuya Iguchi, who are there with a fresh message?

Today, please focus on new Sync Pairs that will debut in late May, as well as events for June.

App Update for Late May

In this update, weve included enhancements to enhance game content and the development of new features that are being implemented in the first half of the game. We would like to share with you some of these details in this message.

The Trial Scout Sync Pair, which can be used only once after finishing Main Story Chapter 1, will be changed from Whitney & Miltank to Blue & Pidgeot. Blue & Pidgeot will be sent to players who have already used the Trial Scout.

  • Scheduled Date/Time: May 27, 2022 at 12:00a.m.

Note: The Present Box will be able to store Blue & Pidgeot on its Temp Storage tab.

A mission will be added, which includes Battle Points as rewards.

  • Scheduled Date/Time: May 27, 2022 at 11:00p.m.
  • Mission Details: Complete a single-player area in the following area 1:Sync Orb Area
  • Reward: 10 Battle Points
  • A Skip feature will be added to Main Story Chapter 1 (Tutorial).
  • Battle tips will display on the data download screen.
  • Conditions to unlock the Sync Grid feature will be changed so that Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) must be completed in single-player.

We are making some extra tweaks, such as the tutorials of a variety of features, so please check the update notification for details. We''d love to hear from you as we continue to improve the game''s usability, so please consider sending us feedback.

Note: These changes will take effect once the update is implemented.

The Villain Arc Johto Chapter will have a new story!

How are you enjoying the story of the Villain Arcs Johto Chapter? The rest of the Villain Arcs Johto Chapter will be released on May 29, 2022. Will Ethan, Silver, and the others be able to de-escalate Giovannis ambitions? Do you know when the story will be released?

A special session is planned to coincide with the Villain Arcs'' next Johto Chapter. Ho-Oh Crystals will be added as well as tiles that can be unlocked for zero energy as well as tiles that will enable them to develop even stronger grid abilities. We hope you look forward to the event.

Ethan, Lyra, and Kris will each appear as Master Sync Pairs wearing sygna suits in Sync Pair Scouts on separate days. Because their effects stack when activated, youll be able to maximize their effectiveness even when putting them on the same Team.

Sygna Suit Ethan and Lugia are a flying-type strike master Sync pair. With their Extend Range passive skill, they can boost their accuracy by one stat rank, increase their Critical Hit Next effect by three ranks, and have a 50 chance of reducing their Sync Move countdown. Also, with the effect of a Pokemon Move, they will recover the MP of This Is It! while attacking with Aeroblast.

Sygna Suit Lyra and Celebi are a Grass-type technology master Sync pair. They can transform the play terrain into Grassy Terrain, which increases the capacity of Grass-type attacks 50% and restores HP when using Grass-type Moves, making them unrivalled for interference! Besides, using Grassy Glide will have a guaranteed chance of inflicting Flinching, Confusion, and Trapped when successfully

Sygna Suit Kris and Suicune are a Water-type support Master Sync Pair. They can heal allies and change the weather by using Mini Potion All and Rain Dance, making them one of the finest among Master Sync Pairs. Additionally, thanks to their Passive Skill, they can increase the Sp. Atk of All allied Sync Pairs when using Rain Dance for the first time, making them a Sync Pair that can aid their friends in a variety of ways.

A Time Trial Event Is Coming!

This Time Trial Event will be held on June 5, 2022. Instead of certain Sync Pairs getting a stat boost when included on your team, you''ll be able to select the Sync Pairs you like.

This time, there will be no Practice Match, but you''ll be able to receive points from event battles that you can take on as many times as you want every day, without using Stamina. You''ll be able to receive Gems and items like 5-Guaranteed Scout Tickets as point rewards, so we hope you participate!

As you complete the Missions, challenging high-difficult Missions will be added in stages. So take on the time trials over and over!

Rivals From Each Region Assemble!

Rivalry''s Story Event will begin on June 15, 2022. In this event, competitors from all states will appear to take part in a tournament. We hope you''re delighted to see who Sync Pairs will appear.

Have Free-spirited Pokemon Battles!

The All Good Solo Event will take place on June 22, 2022. In this event, a certain group of free-spirited Trainers meet with someone who is concerned about something. We hope you enjoy it!

New Seasonal Sync Pairs Debut

Seasonal events will be open from the end of June to early July, with one male and one female Sync Pair. We hope you''ll see what these Trainers form. In addition, seasonal events will begin, and we previously planned to have a last year seasonal event return. Please wait for these events to come.

Development of New Major Content

We would like to provide additional information about the new major content that focuses on connecting and interacting with Trainers, which weve previously described. This time, we were demonstrating you concept art depicting a place where you can interact with Trainers! We hope you enjoy exploring the possibilities and experiences you''ll have with them!

Note: This image from concept art is in motion and will not appear in the game.

What to Expect in the Next Message

Our next message is scheduled for late June. In it, we intend to include information about new Sync Pairs that will arrive at the end of June, as well as event details for July.

We are constantly focusing on providing improvements and updates that make the world of Pokemon Masters EX as enjoyable as possible.

Throughout the development process, we prioritize trainers feedback, so don''t hesitate to share what you think.

Thank you for playing Pokemon Masters EX for the next time.

Yu Sasaki, the producer of Pokemon Masters EX, is a Pokemon Masters journalist.

Tetsuya Iguchi, the company''s operations director, is the final product.

Note: The content listed in this message is currently under development. Titles, plans, update content, and update times are all subject to change.

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