Bonus rewards, discounts, andvehicles are all part of the GTA Online Weekly Update (May 26)

Bonus rewards, discounts, andvehicles are all part of the GTA Online Weekly Update (May 26)

We have almost made it to the end of May at the end of last year! But before the month is over, weve got one more GTA Online Weekly Update to reap the rewards from. As with all weeks past and future, the update has offered a lot of discounts, bonuses, and free vehicles to suit your needs. The Vespucci Job, the most popular, is a pretty new remixed version of the website.

This short roundup article will cover every new addition to the game this week that you need to know. This will include discounted cars, a new podium vehicle, and double GTA cash and RP on select missions.

LS Car Meet Prize Ride

This week''s Car Meet Prize Ride is the Youga Classic - you can grab it by achieving a top five finish in Car Meet Races for two days in a row.

Podium Car

This week''s Diamond Casino Podium Car is the Revolter, which is usually only available at Warstock Cache & Carry for $1,610,000.

Hao''''s Special Works weekly car

The Ubermacht Sentinel XS is available in the special parking spots in the LS Car Meet. To get access to this vehicle, you''ll need to be using one of the next-gen versions of the game and have signed up for the game (this can be purchased by Mimi).

RC Bandito Time Trials

Time Trials

The Calafia Way is home to this week''s regular time trials. You''ll need to win under 01:24.20 to win the top prize.

Bonus GTA$ and RP Rewards

Through completion of certain mission methods, you may earn bonus cash and RP for those looking to maximize their time spent on GTA Online.

The following agreements will yield a 2x RP and GTA$ ratio:

  • The Vespucci Job (Remix)
  • Truck Off
  • Missile Base/Diamond/Bunker Adv Modes
  • Mobile Operations
  • VIP Work
  • MC Work & Contracts/li>
  • Bodyguard/Associate Salary

Clothing Unlocks

This week, GTA Online had no free clothes, therefore you''ll have to go out and purchase your own new threads this time around.

Weekly Discounts

In GTA Online, it''s important to ensure that your money goes as far as possible. It''s important to check out the weekly discounts.

75 percent discount

  • Imani Phone Services

50% off:

  • Biker Supplies

40% discount.

  • Fagaloa ($201,000)

30% off:

  • MC Businesses
  • Vehicle Warehouses
  • Special Cargo Warehouses
  • Caracara ($1,242,500)
  • Granger 3600LX ($966,000)
  • Turreted Limo ($1,155,000)
  • Vamos ($417,200))

Free Log-in Rewards

This week, members of a Motorcycle club will have access to several free abilities that usually require a cash investment. As such, make sure to make use of these whenever you can before they become costly again!

For free, vice presidents may employ the following skills:

  • Drop Bull Shark Testosterone

Sergents-at-arms may be able to use the following skills for free:

  • Drop Ammo
  • Drop Molotov

For free, enforcers may utilize the following abilities:

  • Drop Armour

Prime Gaming Rewards

Prime Gaming rewards are also available for grabs for Amazon Prime and Twitch users.

  • GTA$100,000 for all players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming and play this week.

Check out our online guide to GTA+ benefits from this month, or explore our tips for saving time on GTA Online.

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