In this tabletop roleplaying game aimed at sailor, grab sea shanties

In this tabletop roleplaying game aimed at sailor, grab sea shanties

In this tabletop roleplaying game about 19th century sailors, you can savor the oceans.

Shanty Hunters is a tabletop adventure inspired by nautical history and the traditional methods of sailing. This series of events will feature players who are passionate about commercial sailing and want to keep the traditions alive through the sea shanty.

Sea shanties are traditional folk songs that sailing crews would sing while working on the deck and that were later shared as part of their oral history. The genre has recently returned to a close, thanks to Tik Tok users in collaboration with videos in which they sing the different parts for each song. These include: What Shall We do with The Drunken Sailor? and Molly Malone.

Players in Shanty Hunters are traveling across the oceans in order to document various shanties seen by the sailors of the world. However, traditional sailing practices and cultures are dying out and must be preserved by the players. However, the players will not only have to confront the rising tide of modernity, but also a bad mindset that doesn''t want shanties to be discovered by people living on the land.

Players will be greeted with shanties as they navigate through the rules-light roleplaying game, with 17 shanties to discover, with 20 ports to dock at, and six pre-generated characters to choose from.

Players and the game master will be using the Gumshoe gameplay system to play, which is also used in the horror tabletop RPG Trail of Cthulhu, where players are becoming investigators attempting to stop the Old Ones from awakening and invading Earth and The Yellow King Roleplaying Game.

Tristen Zimmerman, the author of several TRPG books, including Archive: Historical People, Places, and Events, and Making History: Three One-Session RPGs, a collection of playable tales based on diverse historical periods.

DriveThruRPG has purchased the digital version of Shanty Hunters from Kickstarter for $20 (15) after a successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2021.

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